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Imran Khan you sneaky man

Every time I've said Imran Khan's not really what a politician should be, his supporters have bashed me quite hard. The last time I wrote about Imran Khan some of his stooges went so far as to degrade me and tell me I didn't know the first thing about him. They criticised me for failing to appreciate his magnanimity, awesomeness and brilliance. They told me he built Namal Model College. They also said that Khan was a fortuitous and upright man who valued his principles more than he valued power, fame and money. But they were all wrong. So very wrong.

Imran Khan: The man who changes colour
like a chameleon
You see I had been advocating that Khan put his emotions aside when he's politicking. His followers told me he would never do that because that is what real politics is all about. Well if that indeed is the case, isn't Imran Khan the world's biggest hypocrite then? Well not the biggest because we have the likes of Rehman Malik, Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Yusuf Gilani who take the cake from Khan but you get the point. What in God's name was Imran Khan thinking when he decided to shun his perpetual hate of Altaf Hussain and called him and decided to let the world know that he appreciated Altaf "Bhai's" stand against the government and America?

If memory serves me correctly, and it does on this occasion, Imran Khan filed a case against Altaf Hussain in Pakistan. The court rejected the petition because Altaf Hussain is a British citizen. Imran Khan then wanted to go to Karachi to hold a rally against Altaf "Bhai" in Altaf Hussain's own home town. Some said it was a dangerous move. Others said it was stupid. But whatever it was, we never really found out because as it so happened the MQM banned Khan from entering the city.

Khan also went onto Geo TV's show Capital Talk hosted by another hypocrite (Hamid Mir) and left seething with rage when Babar Ghauri taunted him repeatedly for allegedly fathering an illegitimate child. That's when Imran Khan decided enough is enough: He would go to the UK and file a murder case against Altaf Hussain and file an extradition request with the British authorities. We never got to hear what became of that case.

Khan repeatedly claimed Altaf Hussain was responsible for the murders of more than 235 people and yet, he had no qualms about rubbing shoulders with him and shaking hands (figuratively for those of you who will point out and complain Khan and Hussain never met!) when it came to serve his agenda. Khan hates the Americans. And apparently, now so does Altaf Hussain. What better opportunity could there be than ride on the back of the urban party from Karachi which somehow always manages to gets its way? The lives of 235 people did not become a hurdle, nor did they prick Khan's conscience.

His fan followers also claim torrents about his honesty. Apparently he hasn't been honest with them either. But I suppose a person who claims that he will make sure Altaf Hussain ends up in jail and then clamours to support his agenda when it suits his own isn't what one would call honest in the first place.

The irony of this whole affair is that Imran Khan has finally managed to use his brain. Siding up with Altaf Hussain is nothing short of genius. But his supporters, well that's a different story altogether now. If they claim that what Khan did by siding with Altaf Hussain is correct and right, then they'll be the biggest two-timers on the face of the planet earth.

It is sad that Imran Khan had to ditch his honesty drama and principles fa├žade; but maybe this is the only way he will be able to make an impact on the destiny of this sad nation. My only hope is that Imran Khan's wavering ways don't become a permanent feature of his politics.


Mohi Abro said...

Its not "selling out". Its a thing called "United Front" in socialism. Here, read this for a better understanding.

Mohi Abro said...

its not "Selling out". Its called having a "United Front" in Socialism. Read the following for better understanding.

Hamza Malik said...

Sir, I never accused Imran Khan of selling though now you mention it, that could be one of the ways to describe his behaviour. And I absolutely agree with the theory of "United Front". Imran Khan's decision to shake hands with his rivals is a sign that he is maturing politically. And about time to in my opinion.

farhan ali said...


Hamza Malik said...

Well sir if he keeps rubbing his shoulders with people that he labels as "criminals" and "murderers", then what else will be left for us to do other than to doubt his honesty?

Sarah Shah said...

One rarely finds objectivity attached to the great Khan's name. After all those glorified, flowery sonnets, our piece is a breath of fresh air.
However, he is a national hero, a well deserved one. I for one, would think twice before depriving our nation of that illusion, especially now.

Sarah Shah said...


Hamza Malik said...

You are right. It is indeed rare to not be biased for or against Imran Khan. I have my disagreements with the man, but in no way am I stating or claiming that he is not a national hero. He is a magnanimous philanthropist. He is a cricketing god.

It is his politics where he has failed (in my opinion, you of course are entitled to your own); he has taken too many different routes, and too many different stands. The result? He has been unable to define his own stance or make an impact on the masses through his policy statements.

Sarah Shah said...

I am all for showing ite "real face", as long as you provide a solution with it. If theres one thing we have in abundance in Pakistan, it's armchair critics.
Imran Khan's name is synonymous with hope, candor and social change. He may not have gotten far in his political career, but he's still doing the nation a great service by providing hope and an outlet a relatively cleaner political platform.
I agree with most of what you wrote, but at first your bashing him for calling out criminals for what they are and then your applauding his diplomacy for throwing his lot in with the likes of them.

Zain said...

well commenting on the article, it is truly biased and is supposed to be as you have to struck the knife in readers and move it both sides to awake them.
i always had a view that the world cup winning captain has no charisma to charm the masses when it comes to "dirty politics", but thanks to Imran Khan for proving me wrong and being a part of the same marathon.
United Front, for god sake please do interpret things in there true spirit or else do not quote it. it was a communist thinking and not anything to with this system of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and was for the labor class where as in Pakistan its all to maintain the status-co
Talking about solutions, well Imran Khan is no hope to masses at all, he does not have a plan, statements thrown in the air " I can get over terrorism in ninety days", well sir you have to give in a mechanism of that.
Talking about provinding a cleaner political platform, well i leave to you on counting me ten active names of tehreeq-e-insaf

Hamza Malik said...

Khan's name is synonymous with hope, candor and social change just like the army's name is synonymous with the protection of Islam, discipline and patriotism. But that hasn't turned out to be quite true is it? In 1971 the army lost East Pakistan, and in 2011, the army made a deal with the CIA and let Raymond Davis walk. So the perception might be there, but reality is a different ball game.

Yes I bash because he went back on his word. Khan portrayed himself to be honest and clean and not the sort who would ever stoop low. But then he did that didn't he? He stooped too low in fact. And I applaud him for being brave enough to do what is necessary to survive in Pakistani politics. What I now hope for is that this hypocrisy does not become a regular feature with him. Or maybe, it already has.

Hamza Malik said...

Lol, you weren't alone in believing that my friend. Believe it or not, I also used to believe Khan wouldn't indulge in dirty politics. I called him "too emotional, and too egotistical" to let go of his principles. Yes, the only seat Tehreek-e-Insaf has ever held in the National Assembly belonged to Imran Khan. In this Parliament, they don't have any seats at all.

As far as United Front is concerned, yes it was a socialist way of thinking. Socialism has died in many parts of the world. However I agree with the notion that Khan is beginning to understand the ideology of Pakistani politics and hence he has incorporated the core of United Front into his politics with his act of siding with Altaf Hussain.

Below is what United Front is all about:

"...The united front tactic is simply an initiative whereby the Communists propose to join with all workers belonging to other parties and groups and all unaligned workers in a common struggle to defend the immediate, basic interests of the working class against the bourgeoisie."

They keep talking about revolution but they don't know how. They keep saying they'll make Pakistan a better place but they don't know how. So yeah. You're right.

FJ said...

Well i don't consider him a politian...His standing as a politian is weak

Hamza Malik said...

That's exactly what I believe too. And that is what I try to write about and explain to the masses at large. In order for Khan to have a strong footing as a politician, he needs to have a clear policy and explain his roadmap to the people. Right now, I doubt if he even has one.

Mjmannish said...

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Hamza Malik said...

Sir, instead of spamming my blog with utterly useless and frankly nonsensical comments, please go find something constructive to do and spare us all from your retardness. Thank you.

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