January 1, 2012

2011 in perspective

2011 is gone. The year heralded undefined and unheard hardships for Pakistan and its people. There were suicide bomb blasts, electricity outages, corruption allegations, electoral discrepancies, massive shenanigans from our dearly elected and well the usual, heat and dust and anger management issues.

Imran Khan also rose from the ashes as a phenomenon that could herald Pakistan in a new direction towards the end of the year. How true that is we'll simply have to wait and see. With the army recuperating some of its lost pride in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden's death and the Karachi naval base attack, it tried to meddle in the affairs of the civilian government again by getting Hussain Haqqani sacked.

All in all it wasn't a happy year for Pakistan and certainly not a good one. We find ourselves internationally abandoned and the world appears to be extremely frustrated with us. It is true that they haven't been very straight with us but to their credit neither have we. We continue to try and push through the delusional mudslides that keep falling over us every other day and perhaps that's the biggest take away of the year. We showed the world how resilient we are and how well we hold our own.

As 2012 arrives, some metaphorical bombs have already exploded on us. Petrol price has increased, CNG prices have increased in addition to their load shedding, and electricity prices have also increased. A bad start but here's to hoping that as the year progresses, we are able to salvage some sense from all the mess we find ourselves in.