December 7, 2012

An appeal...for The True Perspective

Hey all,

The True Perspective has from the start been a one man operation. It has been an arduous journey. Many a times there came a point where I had nothing to say and so there were no blog posts for days on end. There were other times that I had a lot of stuff to say but I just couldn't bother or was otherwise indisposed. Through these travails I did realize that maintaining a blog with a growing audience is extremely difficult.

I tried to change that by introducing the submit a blog feature. That strategy also failed horribly. Then I tried finding people who would be interested in becoming co-bloggers but none of the people I talked to expressed much enthusiasm. I tried changing the focus of this blog from being political/current affairs to being a blog about everything. Sadly that strategy also did not take off.

All this time I've constantly realized the reason the strategies continue to fail is because a one man blog is at the end of the day a novelty. It is the reason the hugely successful blog Five Rupees failed before staging a a comeback with a team of bloggers rather than a one man show.

I would love to see more posts appear on The True Perspective. Quality posts. Posts about everything. Current affairs, politics, literature, technology, sports, travel; you name it. But in order for it to happen, I need your help.

If you're interested in telling the world your story, please contact me by clicking here, or you can connect with me on either Facebook or Twitter and you'll hear back from me. You'll be able to become part of The True Perspective family. You will be able to say what you want without anything holding you back. This is where you can make it count. So let's just do it, shall we?

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon,