January 23, 2013

Failure is for losers

They lie. They lie when they say failures make you stronger. No. Instead, failures are really good at knocking out the wind from you lungs, crushing your larynx and making you fall back into your non existent couch from the wafty level of the clouds you thought you were hovering at.

They lie to you when they say they are what they are because of the failures they had to endure. False. They are what they are because they were successful. They did not fail. They succeeded. And hence, now they can go cry in a BMW if they're angry or sad or miserable, but you still have to crouch under the toilet sink to moan over your misery.

They lie to you when they say they thrive on failures. No. Everybody thrives on successes. Failure does not motivate people. You know what motivates people? Success. Failing at every stage of your life and then succeeding is not happiness. It is RELIEF. Succeeding the first time, that's happiness.

Sometimes failure becomes too much. Sometimes it would be nice to be successful. Sometimes doing something right the first time would be helpful. Somebody congratulating you on being phenomenal will be the catalyst in producing the adrenaline that's needed to be even more successful. Just getting back up on your two feet after having been knocked out takes so much energy that any adrenaline you were producing would already have been used by the time you're ready for another try.

Life is hard. It takes a miracle to achieve success. Failure does not make you stronger. Failure just makes you used to the fact that you fail a lot. That's not being strong by any definition. Being successful is hard. It takes its toll.

Sometimes just letting it all out is good. Sometimes that's the only way. Being all macho about failure is stupid and dumb. You're allowed to feel sorry for yourself. And if you're not, then you should be allowed to feel sorry for yourself. Sometimes that's the only way to get out of the dark hole you're spiraling down into.