July 30, 2014

You shameless hypocrites

People danced after setting Ahmedi houses on fire
So I did a social experiment last night. After talking to a friend of mine, I shared his post about the horrendous Ahmedi murders on my Facebook page, as well as The True Perspective's page. Guess what? Zero likes. Zero. Not a single comment agreeing with the sentiment; not a single comment saying anything about the affair at all. Apparently as a collective group, we don't really care if innocent pregnant women are burned. We don't care if a 7 year old dies because she was set on fire; or that a 16 month old baby, who still had to decide whether she wanted to grow up to be an apostate by the way, died because her skin melted off and her body fried in the sizzling fire. Meanwhile outside the burning houses people jumped up and down and danced around because Islam had been saved.

As I told my friend last night, and as I've been saying on Twitter for a little while now, the only difference between Pakistan and Israel — the country Pakistanis love to hate — is that Israel is populated with Jews, while Pakistan is populated with Muslims. Both foolish, both lost in the purpose of a cause that is as far removed from common sense as Pluto is from the sun.

Pakistanis love to condemn Israelis; they make YouTube videos and posters and start hashtag campaigns on Twitter and pretend they're the champions of Gazans; that if somehow they got their way, they would wipe Israel of the map. But now let's draw a comparison that's closer to home shall we? The Israelis condemn the Gazans and call them all terrorists; the Israelis say all Gazans must die, children, women, men what have you. The Israelis say Gazans are all terrorists and apostates bent on destroying Judaism. The Israelis sit on hillsides with popcorn and cheer when Israelis rockets kill 1300 Gazans. What about Pakistanis? They say Ahmedis, Shias, Sunnis, Barelvis — basically anyone who disagrees with their narrow, xenophobic, myopic worldview through the prism of religion — are all apostates. That they must pay the price for their apostasy. That we must kill these scoundrels to save Islam. And boy, do they save Islam everyday! The Israelis eat popcorn, the Pakistanis set houses on fire and dance around playing ring a ring of roses.

The sheer hypocrisy of this country's educated elite astonishes me. Not too long ago I got into an argument with a person about Malala Yousafzai. The gentleman sitting behind his computer launched a tirade against Malala for not condemning Israel. When I countered by saying it's not her bloody job to condemn anything — she's a 17 year old girl who's an education activist — he turned on me. This person who was so angry and riled because Israel was killing innocent Gazans that he stooped down to the level of defiling the morality a 17 year old girl, did not have the fucking guts to speak out against the Ahmedi butchering that took place not 2 hours from where he lives. And it's not just him. It's every single fucking Pakistani like him who think the only problems we have in Pakistan are all in Gaza actually, because Israel's committing a genocide.

There are only around 150,000 Ahmedis left in Pakistan. I urge them all to leave. This is not their country. They have no right to live here, to exist, or even to breathe the same air as the pious Musalmans of Pakistan. They are a sport to be hunted and brutalized as and when the pious Musalmans of Pakistan feel their religion slipping away. As my friend wrote on Facebook, miscreants or terrorists did not kill those innocent persons -- the ordinary people of Pakistan did. That's all you need to know about Pakistan anymore.