April 18, 2018

The True Perspective — 2018 Edition

The True Perspective
Welcome to the new, and welcome back to the old! The True Perspective is now updated and ready for 2018 and beyond. It’s been 8 years since my first post on this blog. In the time since, this blog has undergone massive transitions — design and concept wise. But I’ve finally gotten around to fixing some of the most glaring issues with this blog  (I had to go and learn a bunch of HTML and CSS in order to make that happen) and hopefully, this’ll lead to a more streamlined experience for you, dear reader.

So what are some of the changes that you can expect on thetrueperspective.com then?

1. Mobile — The website is now properly optimized for mobile! Yay! This is something I’m actually very proud of. Previous versions of the website did not render correctly on mobile, with oversized buttons, lack of padding, and no coherency between the desktop and mobile versions of the site. But no more! The desktop version now morphs perfectly into the mobile version. If you’ve opened this link on mobile, you’re already looking at a streamlined interface. If you’re on the desktop, open thetrueperspective.com on your smartphone and check it out for yourself!

2. Medium — The True Perspective on Medium.com doesn’t exist anymore. While Medium is a good platform, I never saw any real traffic on there. I still have a couple of thousand views on this website every month, but the same just wasn’t true for Medium. So I decided it was time to bin it.

3. Comments — There are no more comments on The True Perspective. There isn’t any scientific or spam related reason behind removing the comments section from the blog, except for the fact that nobody comments on actual blogs/websites anymore — discussion about any article, news, link, blog now happens on Facebook or Twitter after the link has been posted there — and it was a resource hog on the website, causing page load times to increase. So I made the decision to get rid of the comments completely.

There are also subtle changes and under the hood tweaks to make this website more responsive, intuitive and easier to load. Please continue to follow The True Perspective on Facebook at facebook.com/thetrueperspective. If you’ve got any comments or you want to get in touch, you can send me a message at m.me/thetrueperspective.