June 25, 2010

Failed State?

According to the Foreign Policy magazine, Pakistan is the 10th most failed state in the world. A shocker? I don’t think so. For two general reasons:

1.       Because we already know that this is a ploy just to malign us, and
2.       Because we are indeed a failed state.

It is indeed riveting that Pakistanis are prone to ponder over in detail over the goings-on in the world regarding the Motherland yet the feisty crowd always ends up at the same conclusion: The world is marginalizing us because the Freemasons and their ilk which includes the Jewish lobby is all-resourceful and they hate Muslims. When questioned why are they hell bent on making sure that Pakistan goes down, the responses are usually split 50-50 between:

1.       We are located in a very strategic position in the world;
2.       They are after our nuclear arsenal.

The second reason does make some sense, but I’ll leave that for later. For now let’s analyze the first reason. When I question them what geo-strategic position of any importance do we hold? The answer is shot back that America wants to conquer Pakistan to challenge China. I beg your pardon. Not only is the whole idea absurd, it is also farcical. America does not need to take on China or vice versa. We are not very important to America simply because we have nothing to offer them, not because it wants to destroy us to get to China. And let’s be honest shall we? If the US requests us even once to let them use our resources to wage a war against China, we would gladly let them. So much for “Long live Pak-China friendship!”

We don’t have resources, and if we have them we haven’t discovered them yet. We are not a very important trading route because if we were, all trade would pass through us instead of going south to Dubai and Singapore and Mumbai. And let’s suppose even if we are a very important trading route, the security situation in this part of the world merits and warrants that no sane man will ever want to pass through here. Look at the facts. We Pakistani ourselves, cannot even go to places in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan and we’ve got delusions trade can happen through our routes.

Now onto the question of nuclear arsenal. Yes Pakistan has indeed got nuclear capabilities and for very good reasons. We simply cannot afford India threatening us with nuclear war every time a cracker explodes on its territory. So then, the US and the Israelis and the Freemasons would like to see those nuclear weapons destroyed? Again, I beg to differ. The bigger threat to them is that those weapons might fall into rogue hands. Those rogue hands include some politico-religious parties who have made their intentions quite clear. And anyway, after seeing Rana Sanaullah hang out and rub shoulders with activists of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, who can fault the West for thinking we’re a rogue state with a chance of those weapons going into rogue hands?

Now most of the emotional amongst us will cry foul, but I do believe the cold logical thinking minds will agree with me. The gist of all that I’ve written is that we, the Pakistani nation, have a habit and a crude tendency of attributing our shortcomings, our failures and our faults to everyone ranging from the West to the Freemasons to the Zionists to God knows what else. Now I’m not disputing people’s claims that the elements in the West might indeed be after us, but my point is that we need to wake up and start solving our problems. The US may have created problems for us but it is NOT going to solve them for us. We have to solve those problems ourselves. The sooner we realize this, the better it will be for everyone.

We have let our country take the rot for too long now. Even now we are too lazy to accept our faults and correct them simply because blaming everything left, right and center on the forces that be is so much easier. This attitude must change because unless it does so, the chances of our fortunes turning around are negligible.