March 13, 2014

Fox News thinks Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 landed in Pakistan

Fox News thinks that MH370 landed in Pakistan. Somebody needs to tell Fox News to hire a brain.
Yesterday there were reports in the media (later refuted by MAS) that engine data received from flight MH370 meant that it had continued to fly on for almost 4 hours after contact was lost with ground control. This meant that the plane could have flown to any location within the circle in the picture above. For some at Fox News however, it meant that flight MH370 was taken hostage and taken to Pakistan. Of course Fox News thinks that's the only logical outcome since Pakistan is a word associated with very negative connotations in the Fox News thesaurus.

The truth is Fox News, MH370 did not land in Pakistan. I mean, the idiocy and sheer lunacy of your proposition defies conventional logic. But of course in order to be Fox News I believe you have to transverse the boundaries of common sense and logic that set humans apart from, I don't know, baboons. Or buffoons if you're into that kind of thing.

Grow up Fox News. It's about fucking time.

Update 1:

Source: The Wall Street Journal
So this is the map that Fox News (and other news outlets) used to "predict" that flight MH370 might have reached Pakistan. As you can clearly see, it doesn't "reach" Pakistan. At all. Another map on The Guardian's website also shows that flight MH370 could only have reached somewhere in India at the maximum.

Once again then, grow up Fox News.

Update 2:

The Malaysian Prime Minister went on TV and said the plane continued flying for 7 hours after the last communication with ground control.

Let's assume the plane had enough fuel to go anywhere it wanted. In order to get to Pakistan, it would have to cross India. That is extremely sensitive and restricted airspace.

Even will all electronic equipment shut down, if the plane had entered Indian/Pakistani airspace, both countries' military/federal aviation radars would have picked it up. This is a plane. A big one. Not a penny with wings.

And then you would have to land the plane. Does everyone seriously believe that anyone could land that plane in Pakistan without anyone knowing? Without anyone seeing? You've got American military with all their fancy gadgetry right next door in Afghanistan. You've got the Indians on the other side. Does anyone honestly believe that a commercial airliner duped everyone and just landed itself in Pakistan without anyone knowing?

The Pakistani government for its part has denied that the plane is inside the country's borders.