February 11, 2014

A battle was fought, a battle was lost

If you've been following me on Twitter (if you're not you really should; I'm a delight!), you must've noticed that my tweets have a certain air of despondency about them. It's not like I choose to be sad and melancholy. It's just that the torrid sense of disgust that I find myself entertaining gets too much at times.

It would appear as if Pakistan is fighting for a lost cause and nowhere is this more apparent than on Twitter. The in your face nature of the platform just gives you an idea of how disgusted people are by the whole turn of things and on top of that, you literally sense and feel that they've simply accepted the terrible fate that awaits us all. What has happened Pakistan one might ask? But that would be a pointless question. We all know what has happened. Pakistan is overrun by besotted fools who have no inkling of what is right and what is wrong; who have no moral qualms about the people that die on their watch.

A battle was fought, a battle was lost. The people were tired, the leaders earned their ire. The sun was setting, the dark was emerging. In the darkness hyenas prowled, in their lairs the lions growled. In the distance a glimmer of hope, the glimmer of hope was a shady prop. The darkness soon engulfed them all, and in the process it created a free fall. Society soon sank to its knees, in front of the monsters they kneel and bleed. The monsters refused to move an inch, they thought breaking them was a cinch. The defenders had no choice but to abandon their forts, what could they do they were disavowed by the courts. The looming darkness shrouded all, in the darkness the screams raged tall. 

A battle was fought, a battle was lost.