August 21, 2010

Welcome to Paleedistan

You know what makes us Pakistanis very happy? Entertainment. Any sort of entertainment. We are so entertainment starved, we decided we're going to build us a whole new entertainment industry that is not limited to TV or theatre or music only. In fact, we were so creative in our endeavors, we decided to include rapes, public beatings, lynching, kerosene dousing, stoning and some other things in our list of entertainment too.

We were so happy with the ideology of the whole goddam idea. I mean on the one hand, we get free entertainment. On the other, we get to vent our frustration at everyone by, let's say, raping someone. Alright no, that is only done for entertainment and to seek vengeance.

We were so involved in this whole scheme of things we quite forgot what we created. We wanted to make Iron Man, and Superman, and Spiderman. Instead we ended up creating fahashi beghairat badmaash who ensured that our women couldn't walk two meters out of their houses.

We were so prudent that we had every angle covered that we quite forgot the repercussions. Well they are here. They are loud, clean and clear and they stare at our faces as if gloatingly asking us if we are satisfied yet.

The public lynching of two kids in Sialkot on August 15 of two kids, two brothers. They were tied with ropes and dragged through the streets while constantly having a Samaritan beat them black and blue with a staff. It was so gruesome that people made videos of them being murdered. It appeared so much fun, that the lynching mob decided not to let the people of Sialkot miss out on the fun. When they had murdered the boys, they hung them upside down in the city square.

Do you need more indicators to tell yourselves that we are a truly dead nation?

The good Muslims that we are, we let this happen in Ramzan, on a day of fasting. Just how many of these entertained people were fasting on that day? Did they open their fasts before or after this spectacle of Pakistani extravagance and magnificence?

The silver lining though is, that the utterly professional Pakistani police was present at the scene of crime, and was party to witnessing this murder take place in front of their eyes. Of course there is no doubt that they were highly entertained by this whole saga, but if the law is to be applied, doesn't anyone who doesn't stop murder from happening, provided his her own life isn't in danger, an accessory to murder?

They were the police for God's sake. Even though we know how corrupt, inept, spineless two faced bastards they are, we all expected them to at least not let murder take place in front of their eyes. What faces will they show God?

What good is there to write about a country that has its homeless people robbed when they are fleeing flooded houses and grounds? What good should I write about this country when we have a soulless son of a bitch as the President of our country? What should I boast about when our own army ends up stabbing its country's citizens in the back? What good should I talk off when I see people being murdered on police watch?

We are inhumane animals beyond repair now. We are animals, tearing at each other for every morsel of flesh that we can get. These are not the indicators of Pakistan.

Welcome to Paleedistan.