August 22, 2010

Shame on Us

There is so much to say, so less words to say it. Suffice to say my heart, soul, body and mind is tormented by the demons that have befallen this "great nation". I witnessed the murder of the Sialkoti boys. I witnessed the desecration perpetrated to their bodies. I could not control myself when I saw their grandfather cry. What have we done? What have we let happen?

They were beaten for God knows how long. The little brother died but was not left alone. Little kids were handed staffs to club the already dead brothers. They were dragged, their faces beyond recognition. They were hung upside down and beaten. For the little time they were left alone, flies came to sit on their dead bodies. People in the crowd asked others to move out of the way because they were making a movie. The police was an accessory to murder. They made a cordon and let the mob take turns at brutally beating those two kids.

One would think that they would be left alone after they had died but no. There dead bodies were loaded into a trolley and paraded around town with a police escort. With a police escort. With a fucking police escort. There bodies were treated like a trash. They were thrown out of the trolley. Lifeless, limp, hanging.

People at the crime were proclaiming how these two had murdered a man who had married 11 months ago. They were gloating about how they had taken revenge for that murder. They were gloating that this footage of the kids' gruesome murder would be run on Geo and the media. They were proud of what they had done. What they had done.

We are a society without morals. We are quite dead. The calls of hope that were once many are now few and far apart. The majority has accepted their fate. We are finished. We are dead.

The fucking Nawab of Punjab decided not to go to the bereaved family's house, but instead decided to summon them to his party worker's house where he condoled with the family. If he had any shame, he would commit suicide. If he had some semblance of shame, he wouldn't even have dared look the dead boys' father in the eye.

We're all done. Counting our numbered days. We've got nothing left. We've got nothing to show or give to the world. This is a land of chaos, of anarchy, of violence and bloodshed. This is a land where the innocent are the culprits. All those who say America and Israel and India are after Pakistan need to tell me what is it that India and Israel and America want from Pakistan anyway? We are so messed up they wouldn't even think about invading us.

We are a hypocritical bunch of insolents. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my identity. I am ashamed of who I am, where I come from. We couldn't save two innocents from a mob with full police presence in front of a Rescue station.

And we talk about saving 20 million people. Dream on. That's the only job left for us to do.