June 20, 2010

United Youth Conference

And they’re at it again. After DVP and Janisar-e- Pakistan it’s time for the UYC. United Youth Conference. But I shouldn’t be saying anything. Not until I find out what really goes on at this conference. Who knows what might the participants and the organizers and my friends who really don’t like me for opposing their views, say. Maybe they’ve changed their ways or maybe they’ve decided to change their views. I most certainly did not see Monsieur Zaid Hamid’s mention anywhere on the UYC’s website which is a surprise considering he was their chaperone for the last event they conducted: Takmeel-e-Pakistan.

I write this to in no way undermine or condemn those involved with such events. It feels good to know there are people who are at least struggling to bring about a change. Any kind of change. It feels good to know that the youth is active and taking on a collective responsibility when no one has been willing to shoulder it. It also feels good to know that people like Ali Azmat, and Adeel Ahmad, a student from my university, are going to stand together and do their bit. At least the status quo is changing. Super stars were deemed to be demi-gods. At least now people can see that they’re not so much different from us than.

All the best to them then. May they succeed in their endeavours and may God be with them. And I also hope that with this conference, they can finally launch off and put the wheel of change in motion; because that is what’s needed.

Good luck and Godspeed.