June 25, 2011

Why is the US being such a pain in the ass?

Now I know most of you think that because I am so anti-establishment, I am an American loving old fool. And like I once said before, you would be wrong on both counts as I am neither old, nor America loving. Fool though? I don't know about that to be honest.

The Americans have gotten on my nerves. I don't know what they want from this country, but I am now certain they do want something from this country otherwise why would they be in a perpetual motion to induce destabilization in this country? On the one hand they proclaim that the armed forces, and the horrid so called "security agencies" are hand in glove with the terrorists, on the other they say we stand by the same armed forces because they have suffered the most at the hands of the same terrorists with whom they are hand in glove. I mean, seriously?

The Americans have got me confused. While I strongly agree with Irfan Hussain that we shouldn't snap at the hand which gives us aid and raise our middle finger to the aid giver with our free hand, it is impossible for me and I'm sure a lot of others to simply ignore the tell tale signs.

Question marks have been raised. I know I have become lazy at updating this blog but hopefully, over the course of the future I will be looking to asking the questions and unravelling the answers as to why the US is on our case. In such a two faced manner.