July 25, 2010

Response to Miss Sarah Palin

Miss Sarah Palin, the candidate for Vice President from the Republican side, has ended up saying some atrocious stuff about the Muslims. To read her statement, please click here. This statement is reflective of the true sentiments of the hawks present in the American political setup. Without getting into the details of the allegations made by her, I would like to clear up some facts for her.

First of all, Osama bin Laden has been on the run for 10 years. Is it not just plain incompetency of the US that they have been unable to catch the Most Wanted terrorist in the world? Yes Miss Palin, it directly shows off the incompetency of the system that you are a part of. The hype around the World Trade Center terror attacks appears to be a false flag. Why? Because Osama Bin Laden is not accused of perpetrating that crime. Click here if you don’t believe me. This is what the FBI says.

Now onto the part about morals that America stands for namely religious tolerance, and freedom of expression and what not. I’m sorry, you forgot to mention that the biggest (loose) moral that America stands for is double standards. Have you ever stopped to wonder why the Muslim world hates you? You Americans commit atrocities in the name of freedom of expression, but you do not have the sagacity to listen when other people exercise their right of freedom of expression. Remember the “Everybody draw Muhammad day”? But that is just the tip of the iceberg. You call Hamas a terrorist organization. Fair enough. Declare Israel a terrorist state and we will all happily bludgeon Hamas members to death ourselves. You wouldn’t even need to do anything. While Israel has put up a blockade to stop Hamas from firing home-made rockets into Israel, the Israeli state continues to pound Palestinian civilian zones with warplanes and tanks and what not. Just Google Palestine and you will know what I mean Miss Palin.

And I cannot believe that you would be so na├»ve to justify Israel’s barbaric raid on the aid flotilla. Forget the eye witness accounts; just listen to the Israeli State’s statement regarding the whole fiasco. That they had to respond to attacks by knives and forks with automatic machine guns. I ask you! Why did they even have to raid the flotilla anyway? It was in international waters, it should’ve been left alone and denied permission to enter the disputed waters. Your emancipation of Israel and all that is benignly obtuse has created hawks out of doves in this part of the world. All of America’s goodwill goes to waste because somehow or the other, your support for atrocious behavior promotes people with moderate stances to choose for and against you.

If you have such an issue with Faisal Abdul Rauf, why don’t you ask your “world-class” agencies to check him up? Why can’t you get his sources checked like you do of hundreds of millions of others across the world every week? Let me also clarify something for you. There is no moderate or extreme Islam. Neither is there an enlightened or illuminating version of it. Islam is just that, Islam. Throughout man’s history people have distorted religion to promote their own vested interests. That is what is happening now. Just like it is happening to Christianity and how can we forget Judaism. So next time you think of saying “Islamic Extremists”, please know that you are no white angels yourself.

In the end, if you truly believe in religious tolerance like you mentioned at the start of your article, you wouldn’t have a problem with Muslims building a mosque near or away from Ground Zero. Your whole argument is killed when you say “it would be intolerable and tragic mistake” to allow the Muslims to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Just proves you’re one of those who have refused to accede to the melting pot theory preached proudly to the world by the United States of America.