July 24, 2010

Coke Studio

I keep being told that I don’t write good and positive stuff about Pakistan. Let me change my routine on people’s requests then. Let me talk about Coke Studio. Yeah that’s right. If the US has American Idol, we have Coke Studio. In your face Americans, yo! Oh and before I say more, please note that Karavan the band has completely owned me. It is fantastic; there is just no other word. And Meesha Shafi’s hot. But that is beside the point. And Nurie AXam, no offence! J

Coke Studio... It's on!
And since we all hate India, let me have a go at them too. You might have Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Khan Khan, but you so don’t have Bakra Khan, and you only have Coke. WE on the other hand not only have Coke, but also Coke Studio. That’s right. Suck it. Oh and while you’re bashing Coke India Inc., please also take note we bested the Australians in a Test match. That’s right too. Double yay us! Butt Rocks! Not anyone’s Butt, OUR Butt. And not the literal Butt (or maybe that too! In your face again!), but Salman Butt. See? He’s better than Salman Khan. He’s Salman BUTT!  

While Obama teaches his daughters about finance and matters that they’re not capable enough to handle, we teach our children to watch Coke Studio. And why shouldn’t we? Is it not but simply epic? Oh yes it is. It is better and faster and energetic and it is Pakistani! Albeit in red, black and white colors, but still, Pakistani to the core. I also like Coke Pakistan’s marketing acumen; only a Pakistani could’ve come up with mating music to a cold drink. Sheer ergonomic brilliance at its finest. It is totally another matter that I will always love Pepsi and not Coke. Just like I will always love Mercedes and not BMW. But that doesn’t stop me from saying Coke Studio is cool. It is Pakistani. It is ours. It is proof we’re the most awesome people in the world.

While I sit relaxingly with Karavan’s Coke Studio song playing in the background, I feel confident about our fate; about us. We may not have invented the $35 laptops for school kids, and we might not be the most literate people in the world. But we are the most creative, the most brilliant, and the most awesome. And that makes me proud. And so it should you. J