July 12, 2010

Why I Blog

Well there are many reasons to that question. Primarily, I blog because, I can. And secondly, having one’s own blog is synonymous with having freedom. A medium of choice which helps me get across my views on a broad spectrum of issues to a wide audience, and help them in formulating their own opinions.

My blog, is a place of sanctity, of peace and tranquility. It is a place where the results of my reflection are showcased to the world. It is a form of introspection. It is amazing. The feeling of having the power to letting your emotions flow through words, the kind which was not possible even a few years ago is exhilarating. I blog because unlike commercial writers I cannot write about stuff that does not come naturally to me. If any of you has followed my blog, you will realize that I blog about Pakistan, about the people, about their perspectives and their expectations. My blog is a mirror of the thought process of the Pakistani nation. Why? Because that is what is dear to me. Pakistan, the people of Pakistan, the problems facing Pakistan, the cold harsh realities staring at us. Writing has, well become a passion for me. And I thought, why not use that passion to mould out a space for myself where people can see and read what I think, what I write? Why not use my God-gifted ability to write to portray the problems of ordinary Pakistanis who’s problems are overshadowed by terms such as terrorism, and war on terror, and sectarian and target killings?

And so that is my story. The story of why I blog and why I like to blog. There is so much more to say. The awareness levels in Pakistan are indeed rising. The media has been a crucial part in helping us achieve this awareness level, and to be honest, blogging is indeed a definitive part of this new-gen awareness through media project. My blog is just that: my attempt at throwing out a personal commentary on the issues that hurt my fellow countrymen.