July 11, 2010

The Degree Saga

So today was the Lahore School of Economics Model United Nations (LSMUN). I was representing Australia and I have to say, it was fun. Although a bit unnatural as Pakistan ditched the United States, and Germany was openly and candidly supporting Russia and China. And China and the US traded low-blows by telling each other how many times they can wipe each other off the world in lieu of their nuclear arsenals. But on the whole, I must say that the few people who participated in the MUN, participated well. And it this reason precisely that got me thinking, that the youth of this country has very vivid and versatile stances, not to mention creative solutions to present to global issues. By comparison, our politicians, rulers, the American Ambassador, and the UN representative of Pakistan appear meek at best.

It also made me wonder what sort of change Pakistan will undergo if these students are provided the opportunity to steer this ship’s mast. What I can conclude with absolute certainty is that, it’ll be a hell lot better than what we currently have. Now the degree saga of Pakistan has been raging for quite some time now and that has led to a clash between the Punjab Assembly and the media. Our honorable, or shall I say dishonorable, members of the Provincial Assembly passed with unanimity a resolution condemning the media for highlighting the fact that the MPAs are the perpetrators of a crime called forgery, punishable with jail time according to law. They are raging at the media for pointing out that they are not learned, well-versed, or in any way fit to govern us at all. After all, how can a crook who fakes his education credentials be worthy of governing even his wife, let alone a whole constituency?

But then again, this being Pakistan, anything is possible. Our Prime Minister’s moral standing went down the gutter when he stood beside that King of All Buffoons Jamshed Dasti and supported him in re-election after he had been found guilty of forgery, and faking his academic credentials. The man who speaks about Islam and women as if he knows all, cannot recite even a few verses of the Holy Quran as was proven in court. Such is the way Islam is used to juggle the personal priorities and to achieve vested interests.

The media might be in the line of fire, but it is a time for catharsis on the nation’s part. How much more moronic can we get than to re-elect the same man from the same constituency who deceived the general public? How can we trust these people who’s moral standings were nil, and now are negative? What gives? What thought process do we follow that allows us to select these people, not once, not twice, but every single time to the coveted post of policy maker? What hope do we have from people, who cannot spell the spelling of their own name to lead us and to define our policies for us.

I leave that up to you to answer. May Allah have mercy on us all. Amen.