July 10, 2010

Pakistan Burns

As all those who are fortunate enough to read my blog will realize, I’m writing this post after a break of a few days. Nothing important transpired except that I was busy with exams and stuff related to that. But as of now, I am back and rearing to have another go at the idiosyncrasies prevalent in the Motherland.

Bombs exploded in Mohammand yesterday during a peace jirga. What sort of peace (or lack of) it was able to achieve is an inconsequential question. The fact remains that in the name of Islam, atrocities are committed that have maligned the Muslim world completely. Once upon a time, we used to blame the West, its biased and bigoted policies for all the mess in the world and consequently, we dismissed as heresy the opinion that the Taliban were terrorists who would stop at nothing to make their points. Now though, we have come to a collective realization that the Taliban are indeed terrorists; and that they have infiltrated deep into Pakistan. So much so that they have had to establish a separate network called the Tehrik-e-Taliban “Pakistan” in this Land of the Pure. It is poignant to note that there are still some sympathizers left for these heartless, cold-blooded maniacs who have turned Allah and His word into a plaything.

This brings me onto the defenders of these murderous imbeciles, namely the Chairmen of shoddy Islamic organizations the kind of which are very many in this country. They visit the Data Darbar, not unlike Rehman Malik and his ilk, for a photo-op and to condemn the government for toeing the American line instead of condemning the attack itself. Their guards carry sophisticated guns the likes of which I have only seen in Call of Duty 4. What message are they trying to put across to the masses? That the Taliban are right and the government is wrong? That the Taliban are justified in doing whatever it is that they are doing because the government has let America dictate to us? Well you’re wrong sirs. Fact is that our incumbent chaperones dare not say neigh to their Masters in the White House for fear they might leave them out in the cold. BUT, and there is a but, the United States is absolutely correct in demanding we do more to weed out the terrorists from our turf. This is not to help the Americans, but to help us, ordinary Pakistanis, ourselves. Those of you who disagree with me, please note that 102 people are dead for coming together under the confluence of peace. They demanded nothing more and nothing less.

News has it in the air that the Army Chief has been given extension by the President. No official confirmation is out yet, but it is believed that in the “best interest of the country” (yeah, right), the President has set an international precedent by giving an extension to the Chief of Army Staff. If this news is true, which by the sound of it does seem to be true, it will be another sad day in the history of Pakistan. The process of superannuation exists for a reason and that is to make sure that at the end of the day, a new capable leader can take charge. Let’s see if this simple logic can penetrate the skulls of those who matter.