July 7, 2010

Revolution or Evolution?

A friend of mine presented a very interesting analysis today. He said that in order for this country to progress, the current mess we are in is absolutely crucial to our good success in the future. I found this rather stupefying so I asked him to elaborate. And elaborate he did; according to him, our current precarious situation is critical to our success because only through the mess that we are in right now, will we learn to take a stand on issues that matter to us. In short, the way to a revolution is through the mess we are mired in. Looking back at his reasoning, I can definitely see some logic there. We will only awaken from our slumber when we are poked, and poked again. But the call for revolution? Now that is a part I wouldn't bet my money on.

You see by now, willingly or unwillingly, we have turned a cohesive nation into groups of various nations. We, collectively as a nation are unable to digest the fact that we are a nation, let alone agree on anything. So what does the call for revolution spell out then? Imminent disintegration is my opinion. Why, you might wonder? Well the fact is that through the 63 years since independence, we have isolated the Balochis completely, we have treated the Sindhis with disdain, we have back stabbed the Pakhtuns whenever the opportunity presented itself, and we have always thought of the Punjabis as the villains from a Maula Jat movie. The lack of cohesion in this one unit of a nation is apparent then. Or conspicuous by its absence?

But coming back to the call for revolution. My second line of thought is that we Pakistanis have evolved into morbid, self loathing, cold-blooded monsters who neither care, nor pretend to care what happens to them, or around them. And this is a fact. Our humanity has been numbed and this is a great cause for concern. But as our humanity has indeed already been numbed, we really don't give a rat's ass. So when we don't care about anything, when nothing bothers us, how can one expect a revolution out of this shoddy group of different people?

The cryogenic ennoblement of our problems has been a key factor in our current state of apathetic national harmony and unity. While different people preach how reconciliation can be achieved through Islam and it's variable shades (sects), I stand here to preach Pakistaniyat to anyone who will listen. We are Pakistanis. We are united by Pakistan. That is our identity and that is how it should be. Mixing personal preferences with the national flavors is always disastrous as we have found out to our cause. Let us not repeat those mistakes. Let us learn once and for all, we are from Pakistan, and Pakistan is from us.