December 20, 2010

Speed thrills

So I was tumbling down the motorway at an astonishing 189 Km/h, before I realized I was going way, way too fast. Having realized that the speed I was travelling would get me killed, I tried slowing down. But speed is an aphrodisiac is it not? So I slowed down to 155 Km/h and was cruising around that speed. I knew any patrolmen I crossed would have me by the skin but well, what’re you going to do about it?

I was caught speeding at 154 Km/h on the motorway by a speed check van. Now Facebook, as we all know it, is a place to tell people “what’s on our mind?” So I wrote down what was on my mind for the entire world to see. This is what I wrote:
maxed out at 189 kmh. Clocked at 154 kmh. Challan for 750 rs. What a daY. :p
Now some people thought I was being a hypocrite for preaching honesty and love for rules on my blog and yet, on the other hand I was quite blatantly bragging about my rule breaking cameo. So here’s the deal: Don’t speed on the motorway. It will get you killed. Don’t follow my example because I’m usually a very careful driver. In fact, this is the first time I’ve been fined on the motorway, and what do you know, the whole world including you knows about it now.

But here’s the interesting thing. I knew I had broken the speed limit. I knew I was going way, way too fast and so when the patrolman walked up to the car, I simply took out my license, gave it to him, took the receipt and was on my way again. I did not brag about my oh-so-hotshot-daddy, or my friend who’s friend’s cousin’s son’s uncle’s father knows someone who would get my fine waived. In fact, when the patrolman was done cutting out the receipt, he told me this had to be a record for the quickest fine ever. I accepted my mistake, which apparently seems to be the hardest thing in this country to do. You try doing it, and you will know what I mean. Next time a traffic policeman stops you, don’t brag about your “back” in front of him. Just accept your mistake and give him the respect he deserves.

Now those people who wanted me to write a blog post about my status on my “beloved True Perspective”, I hope you’re happy. At least you can’t call me a hypocrite anymore.

Drive safe my fellow Pakistaniyo. You only get to live once.