March 10, 2011

A lesson

Site stats are an awesome feature when it comes to finding out who your readership really is. The modern day stats provider service is so advanced in fact, that it can also tell you which internet browser you were using when you visited a particular site, what operating system you had installed, which key terms you entered into Google that led you to the site, which website you were on when you clicked the link that led you to the next site. Yes, site stats tell all of that.

Since I started writing this blog in the summer of last year, I've had nearly 25000 hits. Now I don't know whether that's impressive enough or not. I have no clue how many hits other blogs get, and consequently I can't judge. In the last 10 months, this blog has undergone a transformation repeatedly; not just in the visual style but also in the way I write on it, feel about it, and want you, the reader, to think about it.

This blog started as a personal blog. Everyone was blogging, it seemed to be the new in thing. This blog was supposed to be my online diary of sorts. But then certain events transpired that led me to write about the sad events in Pakistan. This led to a sizeable number of the people logging onto The True Perspective to read up on what I had to offer. The more I wrote about the sad events of Pakistan, the more people kept logging on, and my focus kept narrowing until The True Perspective went from being a personal blog to a political blog. No less, and no more.

In the last 10 months, the world has changed. I have changed, people around me have changed, the environment has changed; you yourself will probably have changed. The first ever post I wrote for my blog was entitled Denial. I guess that is what defined the whole nature of this blog and moulded it up accordingly. But the point is, there's been no looking back from that point on wards.

I tried contacting Dawn and the Express Tribune to let them know I was interested in getting my blogs on their websites, but I guess I don't meet their requirements. But then I thought, I've got my own blog. I can write whatever I want here. And that is what I have done so far. What I've learnt today is simple: When you have set your heart to do something, no matter what happens, you will always achieve it. In the process of maintaining this blog, I have learnt HTML and CSS. I have learnt how to handle custom domains and SEO. Terms which I was never familiar with, which held no meaning for me. I've also learnt that words are very powerful weapons. They have the ability to heal, and they have the ability to cut. I have learnt to express my opinion and I have learnt to bear criticism.

The point of having this heart to hear is to convey a simple message. People will come at you hard and knock you down. The only thing you have to do, the ONLY one thing that you NEED to do, is to simply get back up. Keep trying. You'll eventually get where you want to.