March 8, 2011

Zaid Hamid and Ahmad Quraishi: Propaganda at its best

Zaid Hamid. 
The problem with Zaid Hamid and Ahmad Quraishi is simple. They’re stupid. They talk and advocate nonsense. They fabricate lies and pass them off as facts. The really sad bit to their hypocritical performance is this though: They use Islam as a tool for their propaganda.

For those of you who don’t know who Zaid Hamid or Ahmad Quraishi is, please Google the gents. And then laugh your heads off. Yes Zaid Hamid is the man who claims everything in Pakistan is India’s fault, while Ahmad Quraishi claims America has formed an unholy alliance with Israel and India to torment Pakistan. These two men also pretend that Pakistan is the centre of the universe and that the world instead of revolving around the sun revolves around Pakistan.

But the problem with Zaid Hamid and Ahmad Quraishi is not limited to their stupidity. You see they make us look bad. How? Well they claim to be Pakistani and therefore (since the majority of us are not as notoriously famous as them) the world assumes all of Pakistan’s population is as mad and lost in the head as these two. They also make the Pakistan army look bad because they claim to safeguard the army’s interests and everybody points at the army and laughs at it about how it has these two stalwarts of complete idiocy trying to defend its honour. They also make Pakistan look bad because a) Pakistan is not the centre of the universe and b) they have “fans” who believe the bullshit these two minions of hypocrisy, lies and fake stories come up with.

Now I know I’m wasting my time talking about these two self declared gods of Pakistan’s destiny but bear with me. You see I came across something very astonishing today, something that has the potential of ruining Ahmad Quraishi’s very existence. Click here to see screen shots of Ahmad Quraishi’s official Facebook page where during a discussion with his “fans” he blurted out the truth about David Ben Gurion; something that I’ve been saying forever but of course vindication coming from the source itself is something else. Ahmad Quraishi claims that spreading lies and propagating falsehood to promote one’s ideology is correct because the other side (India, USA, Israel etc) also does it. And then as an example he says how the lie about David Ben Gurion’s speech that was fabricated to unite the Pakistani nation against the Jews worked so flawlessly.

Now what does one say to this sheer blatant exploitation of the masses? Of course the “righteous” Mr Ahmad Quraishi has no shame and therefore he did not go jump of a bridge into the Nullah Leh but oh well. How do Ahmad Quraishi and Zaid Hamid expect the people to believe them when they’re propagating, promoting and preaching lies and falsehood? I wonder if Ahmad Quraishi knows that there are many people like me who only visit his website when they’re bored and they feel like laughing.

Only recently two articles appeared in the Express Tribune by George Fulton, a naturalized Pakistani who has left Pakistan to seek greener (read safer) pastures for his family. The articles focus on the inherent hypocrisy of the Pakistani state, of the dishonest people and the corrupt infrastructure. Of course that is all true and no one can deny that. But what Ahmad Quraishi and his ilk had to say was that George Fulton was a racist who called Pakistanis degenerates. If Mr Ahmad Quraishi would have used his pea sized brain, he would’ve realized that Geroge Fulton was one of us; he was a Pakistani. He had every right to criticize this system of which he was a part, and this country which was his home. Sadly, it is people like Mr Quraishi who are racists and who could not accept a “Gora” becoming a Pakistani; they also could not accept a Pakistani who pointed out his own country’s shortcomings instead of India’s or Israel’s or the USA’s.

Since Zaid Hamid and Ahmad Quraishi are so fascinated by India, let me bust another of their bubbles. Zaid Hamid keeps threatening India with war and how we will destroy it till the “paleed” Hindus rot in hell. Well let me put this question to him and his ilk: Have you ever wondered why the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent all of his entire adult life fighting for an independent state for the Muslims of the subcontinent? Yes, that is right. So that we could be free and safe. He did not spend his years vying for the leadership of the Indian subcontinent where the Hindus are a distinct majority and who would then paralyse the system till the Muslim rulers abdicated, or were burnt to the ground.

And what do these messiahs of Pakistan’s destiny want us to do? Conquer India? And then what? What are we going to do with a billion plus “paleed” Hindus? Slaughter them? The logic is simple. Even if we conquer India (dream on Zaid Hamid and Ahmad Quraishi), the majority of the Hindus is so overwhelming, the whole system will be paralysed. The Muslim “rulers” of the Indian subcontinent will not be able to do jack if that happens. That is why we have a separate country. So that we can do what we want in a place where we ARE the majority.

To cut to the chase, Khalifa King Zaid Hamid and Khalifa Prince Ahmad Quraishi can go on living in a Utopia. The writing on the wall is this: You couldn’t fix your own country, and you talk about fixing a country that is 7 times our size. Yeah right.