March 13, 2011

The middle finger revolution

PG-13. You have been forewarned.

What happens when you're pissed? You lose control over your emotions, you become selfish, mean, crass, brash and rude. And in some instances, you become downright scary and you tend to do stuff which you wouldn't do otherwise (or when you're normal).

So basically, getting angry is sort of like getting high. I was angry today so I did what I normally never do. I broke a promise I had made to myself. I did the thing that I had stopped doing because it was derogatory, insulting and rude. But sometimes, just sometimes, there comes a tipping point (mine did) and you do what you shouldn't.

But the important question is what is it that I did today? Well I showed the amorous douche bag travelling in his shiny black Land Cruiser with tinted windows and huge ass escort with sirens blaring and mad hooligans hanging out the back of their pickup trucks my middle finger. That's right. I gave him the finger.

Now I used to do this quite a lot. But then I stopped for the simple reason that I shouldn't drop down to the level of these freaking bastards who parade around in their crore plus rupee cars to display their might and power so nakedly and brazenly. But for how long could I have kept my anger bottled? It blew open at the exact same time as I looked in my rear view mirror to see an Elite force commando pointing his bloody gun at me and making the motions for me to get out of his sugar daddy's way.

I want change. I want change on the roads especially. I want the world to show these donkey faced idiots their real worth. I want all of the Pakistani nation to show them their middle fingers. People call for a revolution. Here, right now, I'm presenting one to you all right now. Grab it. Make it happen. Next time some idiot passes by you with full armed escort with no regard for laws or the road itself for that matter, give him the finger. Flash it, show it, wave it, point it, just use it. Because they deserve it. Because we are not their sons or daughters, and neither are we scared of them. Make them see how much we hate their high headedness.

This is where it all begins. The Finger Brigade with the Finger Revolution.