April 16, 2012

The post with no title

This post does not a have a title. Why? I don't know. I don't really care. I meant to blog about a lot of things that have been going on but then every time I decided to do that, this thought kept coming back to me: What's the point of saying it all? It's not as if one man's ramblings or concerns will force the wider majority into action. Or will it? Of course it won't. But that's not the main reason I've stayed away from blogging. The bigger reason simply has been the fact that I've said all I've wanted to say and not just once, but many times. I'm sick of repeating the things I say, things which become hollow words after a few days. My best friend helps me keep this blog afloat (in case you haven't noticed, you guys still haven't been bombarded with ads) and he pays for the domain name and maintenance. This year I thought about asking him to stop doing that.

But that's when I realized that I can't give up. What difference then, will there be between me and the hypocrite next door? Here I am preaching you all about the virtues of being honest and being yourself. And then here would be me, running off the field to sit in a corner and cry like a baby because no one listens to me. But the truth of the matter is people do listen to me. I don't have much in the way of bragging rights but Google tells me I have had 50,000+ page views. That means that somewhere in the world people are reading what I'm saying even if they're not really believing things I'm saying.

But hey, we all agree to disagree. Me personally, I like to disagree a little bit more than your average Joe as many PTI supporters will tell you. So that's all good and nice. What I really want to point out however is the fact that even though we may be going through tough times - (actually tough sounds too easy. Harsh? No that's not right either. Barbaric? But that's too harsh -- I can't find the right word to draw this analogy here, so I leave it up to your wild imagination to fill in the blank yourself -- ) we still need to talk about the injustices et al. that come creeping up the road to haunt us and torment us. It is good to talk about stuff and let your emotions out. And words have a soothing power, the kind you cannot achieve when you 'sleep on it'.

So while this may be the end of this blog, I hope many more will follow. Soon-ish.