June 25, 2010

Democracy is the Solution

We are a truly unique nation. Our history is replete with all sorts of drama. We are perhaps the only country in the world which can proudly say: Been there, done that; been there, seen that. And why not, with 63 years in our backyard and half of them in the military's private backyard, we have done it all.

Finally though, we are where we ought to have been always: in a democracy. No doubt, it is farcical. No doubt, our democracy cannot be measured against the great democracies of the world. But yet, here we are, in 2010 and we're here because we've developed that survival instinct. It helps us get through tough times, and it helps get us through the easy times; which are very few and far apart. Most of us have in some point in time questioned the credibility of this democracy, and I don't fault you or anyone else for doing so. But yet, we have stuck it out for almost two and a half years.

This is why I say democracy is the solution. We may have Zardari as our President, we may have weirdos ruling over us in the Punjab, hell we even have idiots governing us from Parliament, but its a start. We may have taken 63 years to kick start ourselves but we've done it. The infant democracy will flourish into a great thing if we let this cycle continue. 

We get disheartened too easily but fact of the matter is that everything starts with one small step. We've taken that step. Now we just need to keep going. We need to let this process go on; we may stumble here and there but we must not lose track of the greater good. We must not let our emotions waver and we must stand tall and cover this journey; for in good time, we will have covered it. Covered the journey of Democracy.