June 26, 2010

The Nawaz – Zardari Charade

They’re at it again. Clawing at each other’s throats while their henchmen dig up new trenches and ready their men for battle. Because that is precisely what the ill pouted rhetoric of Nawaz Sharif has spelled out today; Doom clouds have already descended upon the Presidential Palace in the federal Capital.

I’m not a political pundit but I am indeed a very proud ordinary citizen. What does this imminent threat of a political showdown spell out for me? The blunt answer to this question is simply: I don’t give a rat’s ass. I am more concerned with the electricity bill shooting through the roof, the inflated gas bills that give me a shocker every month, the lack of courtesy on the part of my fellow human beings, the sorry state of our poor (literally) police, the mounting fiscal problems of the country, the conditions of the poor, the law and order situation in the country, the lack of access to justice of poor widows and women, the constant loot and plunder of the national exchequer… And my list can go on and on forever. But let me stop right here and get back to Nawaz and Zardari. They’re like two super men from some children’s movie trying to become its hero. The only problem is the children are split down the middle in deciding who the hero is.

Nawaz Sharif is a cunning man, but I have to say his charisma is fast running out. The slogan of bring the dictator to justice just doesn’t sell anymore. And also, the lawyer’s fraternity has also decided to ditch him because it is being oiled from official money coming in from the law ministry which is under the auspices of the infamous Babar Awan, who if I may add thinks Ahmedis launch a conspiracy against him every time he farts. And as for Zardari, Zardari. Need I say more?

So there you have it. While the fat, luscious, greedy freaks fight over the major issues of bringing Musharraf back, and saving the Chief Justice, the non-issues of the nation such as the price hike, unbelievable inflation, unemployment have taken a back burner. I wonder if the geniuses in the Planning Division ever put forth the reports to their bosses regarding the common masses. I also wonder if the politicians honestly thing we care about their stupid farcical issues. The common answer to all these questions is: No. We don’t.

So here’s a bit of free advice for the mad mandarins sitting in palatial mansions in the high places in the Motherland: Move your ass over. We’re sick of you.

PS: It was Michael-The Greatest Performer of the World-Jackson’s death anniversary today and many people celebrated it by paying glowing tributes to the legend . I wonder if people in the Motherland still remember the deaths of the 18 women who died in a stampede while trying to get subsidized flour in Karachi.
Remember Michael Jackson, and remember his message. Remember those 18 women who died.