July 30, 2010

Blogging Tips for Dummies - Part 1

Blogger is one of the easiest blogging platform available.
Ok first of all I’m not a very professional blogger. I’m relatively new to the field and consequently, I don’t know the tips and tricks that’ll make your website look like BBC’s homepage. But now that I’ve mentioned my limitation, I do have a few tips to share with you all. Blogging is a new medium of mass communication that has revolutionized the formats of information and opinion sharing. It empowers YOU to say to the world what you think, feel and want. And that is why everyday more and more blogs are being added to the internet, and that is why you need to do something about your blog that makes it stand out from the rest. Because I’m a new blogger, I’ll be talking about the teething problems and providing you fixes for them which I discovered and which actually work.

As you can imagine, the reason why we all blog is because we want to share information with the world. So from that it naturally derives that your content must be acceptable and readable for the audience and the people at large. You must have content that spurs the interests of the readers so that they are riveted to your blog and keep coming back to read more of it. Remember, just having pretty and cute graphics is not enough to make you stand out from the rest. It’s what you can deliver to the masses that matters the most.

Now having said that, it’s natural for the humans to be attracted to cute and pretty things. So that’s tip number two; make your blog visually appealing. Of course my blog’s not the best of examples, but it does have a very functional design. You need to have a design that is not overwhelming, but yet should be snazzy enough to appeal to the artistic persona in people. Remember simplicity is the best way to go about it. Use contrasting colours to define the different sections of your blog, and use a font size that is readable by all. It is a good thing to check out your blog in different internet browsers to see that the dimensions and width all looks the same because all internet browsers have different specs.

Wordpress blogs offer lots of customization capabilities.
But only if you know what you're doing!
Now that we’ve established that the two most important components in a blog are the content and the visual design, let’s get to how one can implement those in the blog. There are many blogging sites on the internet today. My blog for example is hosted by Blogger, but there are other blog hosting sites which are equally impressive such as Wordpress and Typepad. When choosing between which blog platforms you want to host your blog on, remember that Blogger has the easiest user interface. Wordpress is a bit technical, but then again the customization capabilities of Wordpress are only limited by one’s creativity. This is not to say that Blogger is a non-customizable platform. In fact, Blogger offers a lot of customization options such custom background image hosting, header image hosting, polls, videos, photos and free, 100% customizable templates (CSS coding that defines how your blog looks and operates) absolutely free. Hell that’s why I have my blog being hosted by Blogger! CSS is a language that basically makes up the “skeleton” of your blog. I am no expert in CSS so I can’t really go into the nitty gritty of it, but I will let you know that Blogger has excellent free templates which can be draped with your own tastes, and customized down to the last inch.

By now, you are good to go and start posting and showing your views and ideas to the world. This is part one of a series of posts that I intend to make about blogging for new budding bloggers who’re looking to sort out their teething problems. The next posts will include information about making your own custom logo designs, coming up with a unique colour theme, how to make and host favicons and an overhauled comments system.

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