July 31, 2010

David Cameron’s Antagonism

British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Source: Dawn.com)
David Cameron appears to be a loose cannon. I mean, after his remarks castigating Pakistan were broadcast to the world, one got the feeling that David Cameron doesn’t really think things true. For one, the venue (India) of the statement wasn’t very graceful. And secondly, the remarks themselves are not very polite. They are extremely demeaning and very blunt.

Maybe David Cameron doesn’t know but the fact is that despite whatever the ISI may or may not have done, or been involved with, it is a strategic pillar of Pakistan and it will remain so. Another important thing that David Cameron appears to be unaware of is the fact that Pakistan has lost 3021 citizens alone in 2009. That is more deaths, in a single year, than the entire British army has suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, since 2001. But now since the British Prime Minister was stupid enough to isolate Pakistan and infuriate it with his senseless remarks, might I remind him that his country is responsible for a lot of things that seem to be going wrong with our country today. For one, the lack of progress made by the Royal Army in Afghanistan is directly resulting in more terrorists crossing the border into Pakistan every day, thereby endangering Pakistani lives. But I suppose according to David Cameron, the only precious lives are sitting back home in the UK. 

The British Prime Minister’s insistence that Pakistan exports terrorism is fundamentally flawed. Let’s rewind to the London train bombings. All the actors in the event were British citizens. Does it not reflect poorly on the part of the MI5 and MI6? But I suppose it’s ok for them to be asleep and do nothing, and dream while British citizens plot against their own country, so long as the ISI is doing “the job that it is supposed to do”.

Maybe David Cameron was just trying to be a hero to the people back home, and in India. Well to be honest, that stunt has really gone well. Also, it has exposed the shoddiness of David Cameron. He is new to politics; maybe he should’ve waited for the intelligence brief by the MI5 and MI6 before lambasting Islamabad by suggesting it looks “both ways” in Afghanistan. Countries the world over are duty bound to protect their interests in the world, by hook or crook. This does not mean that I endorse what the ISI may or may not have done, but the simple fact remains that those trying to teach morality to us should look at themselves before lecturing us. The UK is complicit in the murder of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis. It is complicit in making extremists out of ordinary peace loving people. What more do they expect us to do then? We are already trying to clean up their mess; YOUR mess, David Cameron.

David Miliband has already called the remarks of David Cameron unprofessional and uncalled for. And the Pakistani Ambassador to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan has stated that these remarks are “an immature reaction, from an immature politician.” It is finally good to see that the Pakistani state is finally finding the guts to speak its mind. May God give it the strength to keep it up. Which reminds me, General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the Chief of ISI has decided to cancel his visit to the UK in protest over the simply idiotic remarks by the British premier. On the other hand, our President appears to pay no heed to what the nation demands of him. Geo TV has already produced an estimate of the expenses to be incurred on his five day stay in the UK. May God give him some shame and give him the will power to instead spend the crores to be divested on his trip, on the poor people who have lost everything that they had collected bit by bit, in the floods and rains.