July 3, 2010

Bakra Khan: Football World Cup 2010

Malik: Sup man. Whoa!

Bakra Khan: Walekum-hello to you too.

Malik: What the hell happened to you?

Bakra Khan: Hell is a place for sinners. I am not a sinner.

Malik: Yes, i'm sure you're not. So what's this then...?

Bakra Khan: What's what?

Malik: How come you're wearing shorts and Argentina's football jersey?

Bakra Khan: Because i'm supporting Argentina?

Malik: I thought you were supporting Brazil.

Bakra Khan: No, no. You see i never support losers.

Malik: Hmm. Anyway, I'm supporting Germany. Let's see what happens.

Bakra Khan: It's on bitch!

Malik: What happened to your sermon of Muslims are never competitive and they never use bad words?

Bakra Khan: My Imam says i can use bad words when i'm excited. Or when i feel like saying them.

Malik: Bloody cool Imam you have man.

Bakra Khan: Hey! Nobody curses my Imam!

Malik: Chillout man, was just saying. Oh my, how was prison?

Bakra Khan: Like heaven.

Malik: I beg your pardon?

Bakra Khan: It was a preview of heaven. Allah gave me a preview of what heaven'll be like for me.

Malik: How?

Bakra Khan: There was a fairy there waiting for me. Bashiran Mai. Oh Allah Mian, how i can't wait to come up and party all night looong!

Malik: Wow dude... Don't let Bushra Khanum hear you say that!

Bakra Khan: Oh yeah, speaking of which... Khanum Januuuuummmmmmmm! Where are my nachos??!!

Malik: Wow Bakray, how come you're so interested in eating infidel food?

Bakra Khan: Nachos is not infidel food. We Muslims invented it.

Malik: Yeah right. And you read that on Wikipedia?

Bakra Khan: No. My Imam told me.

While eating Nachos and screaming like a little girl -

Malik: And there you have it. Germany kicks-ass number 1.

Bakra Khan: Your team has performed black magic! There are marks all over the place! This is cheating!

Malik: What? No! How can you tell?

Bakra Khan: Look at the color of their kits. It is black. And how possibly can some team score a goal in 3 minutes?

Malik: La haula wala quwwat. You're the most illogical man i know!

Bakra Khan: Oh shut up! You have NO answers to my most insightful, illuminating and in-depth questions!

After the second goal -

Bakra Khan: NOOOOO! Foul! Cheating! Offside! Do something you stupid ref!

Malik: Calm down man. Allah has ordained believers to show restraint.

Bakra Khan: Don't tell me what Allah has said! My Imam said he'll pray for my team and he obviously didn't!

Malik: Whistles in amazement

After the third goal -

Bakra Khan: I don't need to watch this. This is an infidel sport.

Malik: Just because you're losing this is an infidel sport?

Bakra Khan: Prove me wrong. Only Kaafirs play in this sport.

Malik: So according to you, the players of Lyari Football Club are all infidels and wajib-ul-qatal?

Bakra Khan: Yes.

Malik: Your son's the captain of Lyari FC you moron!

Bakra Khan: Stupid idiot! I told him not to hang out with these yo football playing idiots! They'll get him killed! I even told him to go spend his vacation with his uncle Maulana Radio!

Malik:You honestly think the Taliban are going to save your kid, and playing football will get him killed?

Bakra Khan: Yes.

Malik: Shakes head.

Almost the end of the match, last goal -

Malik: Well there you have it Bakray. Looks like you ONLY support losing teams.

Bakra Khan: My team lost because it had black magic performed on it!

Malik (while grabbing nachos off the plate): Yeah well -

Bakra Khan: How dare you touch me food you yahoodi apostate! You've ruined my food! Now i'll have to amputate my arm because i touched the same food as you!

Malik: And pray tell, why am i an apostate this time around?

Bakra Khan: Because you watched nudity. Nudity is forbidden in Islam!

Malik: What? No! I was sitting here with you the whole time!

Bakra Khan: Yes.

Malik: Then?

You saw naked legs of men playing an infidel sport.

Malik: You've got to be kidding me.

Bakra Khan: When i'm in the mood of "kidding" son, some kid always pops out.

Malik: Yeah but you saw those same naked legs too! You're an apostate too!

Bakra Khan: No i'm not.

Malik: Because your Imam said so?

Bakra Khan: No because Allah has said all mistakes made by true believers are always forgiven.

Malik: Yeah right, and that's why your team always loses.

Bakra Khan throws his Nachos plate at Malik, who ducks and runs for cover.

The end.