July 4, 2010

Babar Awan's Politicking

Babar Awan is a man of many guises. He is a fake doctor. He is an immoral lawyer. He openly cashes in on the sentiments of people where Islam is concerned. Whenever the going gets tough for him, he blames it on the Ahmedis because they "conspire against true believers". He isn't even very loyal is he? He was the one who distributed sweets on the hanging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Every time he opens his mouth, a new version of how Benazir Bhutto died pops out. Then, one might ask, why hasn't the PPP done anything about him? Why?

To understand that, it is pertinent to note that the Pakistan People's Party isn't the same party as it was before. Where as it was full of loafers during previous eras, it is full of self-indulgent, nauseating, nincompoops this time around. Look at all the biggest players from the PPP in this political scenario, and you will see for yourself that none of them has been elected by the people. Consequently to expect that they will do something FOR the people, is living in a Utopian world. That is not to say that our elected legislators do much for the masses, but at least they have the courtesy of getting themselves properly elected. But coming back to Babar Awan and his ilk (Salman Taseer, Rehman Malik, Asif Ali Zardari etc), the fact of the matter is that if for nothing else, then for their disparaging statements regarding the deaths of Benazir they should have been taken into custody and produced before a magistrate. But what happened in the Land of the Pure is for all to see.

Now, I have nothing personal against Babar Awan, but the way in which he's doling out cash to lawyers is simply appalling. Where was he for the past two years when the bars really needed him to utilize his "constitutional right of giving money to the bars"? The answer is nowhere. Now I know the powers that be constantly tell us we are not a collision course but reality is that we are, between the houses of legislation and the judiciary. The outcome, no matter what it is, will be ugly. The naked opulence and zealotry with which Babar Awan has decided to go about the whole affair speaks volumes about the mentality and moral integrity of the man; but then again if anyone had cared about their moral integrity, they wouldn't have joined this Parliament. A lot of hue and cry has already been raised regarding the behavior of Babar Awan, but I'm afraid that when you have the blessing of the Lord Loafer (Zardari), you can get away with whatever you want. This may simply be a case of "you scratch my back, and i'll scratch yours".

What these idiots fail to realize is that in all this scratching, they have completely isolated the masses who are now under the assumption that they are in a lawless country with no rules and nobody to define those rules. Just take a look at the traffic when you go out the next time. The traffic police dare not do anything because a) they cannot catch the perpetrators in this mess and, b) the person they stop will know a guy, who'll know another guy, who'll know Zardari. Let me spell it out in clear terms for our worthy (unworthy?) politicians: We do NOT care what personal vendettas you have to score. Just leave us alone. Please.

So there you have it. While Babar Awan with his moral brigade rushes from one place to another in a special jet with the blessings of  Zardari to buy the loyalties of desperate and confused lawyers, the country bleeds and the servile servants in this land of Allah ask and beg for His mercy. May we all get it soon. Amen.