July 5, 2010

PPP, Black Days and Rana Sanaullah

PPP is celebrating a black day today, to mark the overturn of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's democratic government at the hands of a dictator. Rana Sanaullah is celebrating a black day today to mark the horrendous attacks on the Data Darbar. The nation is celebrating a black day today - no wait. The nation has is always celebrating a black day. Mainly because we have incompetent loafers ruling over us. That's right.

Let's get started with the PPP. It is a party of cliche's. It has members in its board of governance who would like to live in the past. Who actually do live in the past. Why does PPP want to celebrate Black Days anyway? Doesn't its despondent Law Minister mind that his stance regarding ZAB is being undermined with the celebration of this day? And why doesn't the PPP celebrate a black day to mark the break up of Pakistan? Or when Ayub Khan declared himself supreme unto all things? What about Yahya Khan's ascension? And once again, what moral high ground will this achieve when in Benazir Bhutto's own words the takeover of the Army high command against Nawaz Sharif's government was indeed welcome?

Typical two-faced politics at its best ebb in the Land of the Pure. If anyone cares to listen, we would really appreciate it if you could celebrate a black day to mark the deaths of people committing suicides because they're too poor; we would also like the marking of a black day to let the world know that we have indeed placed this country in the hands of incompetent and undeserving people. And while you're at it, why not have a black day to mourn the sheer stupid statements that come from our lawmakers?

Rana Sanaullah on the other hand is a marvel. A unique creation of God unlike any other. I have never seen a more ostentatious man. He hasn't even left this hour of utter devastation to cash in on cheap popularity. He has presented a "resolution" condemning the attack on the shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh. Good heavens man, you're the security chief of this province! And cherry on top of this distasteful cake, Mr. Sana is also obnoxiously audacious enough to meekly suggest that removing him will not solve the terror problem, and if it could solve the problem, he will resign. Well let me be do you a favor Mr. Sana, kindly get lost. Until you leave, we won't have an honest Minister of Law and Prosecution to straighten out this mess that you've made with your wrangling with the terrorists themselves.

I wonder why our people are always so thick to elect the same people over and over and over again. It makes me sad to think that these politicians have hijacked the democracy in Pakistan and deemed themselves ineluctable to the whole process of democracy. And yet, if elections were to take place tomorrow, it will be these same faces pointing fingers at each other and saying in your face while we, the poor helpless nation watch in silence.