July 12, 2010

The Media Bashing

I had not really wanted to get into the nitty gritty of the media slurring campaign going on, but this report has forced me to reconsider my decision. Have our politicians got no shame left in the world? Do the Sharifs really think they are lesser sinners than Zardari, Rehman Malik and other shoddy PPP figures for instance? What message has been sent to the masses I ask you? If these idols of “democracy” cannot tolerate the truth, cannot own up to their mistakes, cannot adjudicate justly, what hope do we have left, if any at all, that this country will progress?

The media bashing campaign is a ploy to ensure that the media can once again toe the line of those in power. That once again, like the olden days of PTV and nothing else, the media can hide the reality and the fakeness of our leaders and legislators, and present an opulent, graceful, stately image of them to the masses. Hats off to Pervez Musharraf for making the media into the beast that it is or else today, I wouldn’t be able to blog about such stuff and the media wouldn’t have been able to fight its battles.

The conspiracy against the media poses a credibility challenge to all quarters concerned. The parties, which have now backed off and are openly stating that they were against the media condemnation resolution, fail to answer when presented with the question as to why their legislators participated with a unanimous yes vote in favor of the resolution. The fact is that the exposure of a lot of MNAs and MPAs holding fake degrees has damaged the credibility and image of these parties claiming to be the champions of democracy. Shame on you sirs. And some more shame on you, in fact, a lot more shame on you for treating the whole issue with such disdain and putting the blame of your own mess onto the mass media.

The fact remains that there are criminals sitting in the Parliament, and the Provincial Assemblies. These people need to be sent to the prison to make an example out of them for the world to see. It makes me sad to think that these shameless loafers simply do not care that they committed a crime, and yet they are audacious enough to accuse the media of ganging up on them. It is these people who always took the easy way out and have ensured that those who spend their lifetime struggling and doing hard work are never compensated fairly. I hang my head in shame at the thought that I live in a country of shameless men.

I rest my case with the thought that 11 years ago, I had no idea why people celebrated when Musharraf took over. 11 years later, I know why and I understand, and I forgive those who stood beside’s him and welcomed him. For if it was anything like what we have today, the army ruling over us is certainly much better.