August 2, 2010

15 Reasons Why Zardari is a Superhero

Here are 15 reasons for why Zardari is a super hero:
  1. Whenever Zardari closes his eyes, some cow snorts.
  2. Zardari is responsible for curing leprosy in the world. His antics with Sarah Palin cured the disease in Africa when people saw them both on TV.
  3. Zardari created a gumball that is in fact a nuclear capable deterrent.
  4. Zardari's real mother was a Martian who reproduced asexually after coming into contact with the people of the planet Zeus.
  5. When the world will draw to a close, people will remember Zardari as the man who sneezed a lot.
  6. Zardari's teeth have been whitened to shine like a torch in the dark, because he IS afraid of the dark. Idiot.
  7. Zardari like's shoes with flashing lights in them.
  8. For the next phase of DHA's operation, it has been renamed to Zardari Housing Authority. Because he threw a tantrum and wailed inconsolably until his "constitutional demands" were met.
  9. Zardari is the man for the people, by the Martians.
  10. Zardari is very clever. He can mentally calculate how many people are dying in Pakistan at any given instant.
  11. When the PPP leaders talk about Bilawal taking over as PPP chairman, Zardari starts talking about the weather and cricket.
  12. Zardari is a Butt in reality. His mother called his Zardari because it sounded cute.
  13. Zardari's mustache can carry a weight of 5.983 tons.
  14. Zardari's children call him doggy lovingly.
  15. In order to overhaul the current appalling healthcare system in Pakistan, Zardari has introduced a new medicine. It's called Zardarimine and it has the ability to turn human poop into gold. No wait. That's just a ploy by Zardari to make you roll around in shit; the mark of a true superhero!