August 3, 2010

The Shameless PPP

Due to different reasons, I haven't been able to listen to in-depth news much. But as always, there is always a dumb PPP leader or "Jiyala" who makes sure that his/her lunacy stands out. Prime examples include Asif Zardari, Babar Awan, and proudly completing the list is Fauzia Wahab. She was vile enough (yes ladies and gents, she was vile) to have a go at Imran Khan in the worst possible manner; ergo, she took an Islamic swipe at him. Last time it was the MQM on his tail, now apparently it is Fauzia Wahab.

The most ill-advised woman in Pakistan.
Fauzia Wahab, in simple terms, asked Imran Khan to keep his nose out of Zardari's business. And while he's doing that, why doesn't he explain why he stays at his former wife's house when he visits the UK which is "un-Islamic" and forbidden according to our religion. Some people would've listened to this and thought 'Ingenious!'. Let me ask you to refresh your memory a bit, and think of the last time Fauzia Wahab was in the middle of a media storm? Yes that's right. This is the same woman who had declared Zardari, the PPP and the Pakistani constitution as being superior to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), Hazrat Umer (RA), and the Holy Quran. Now normally I don't really take religion out for a roller coaster ride, but Fauzia Wahab pisses me off. Really badly. So next time she issues one of her rhetorical "religious" dibs, tell her to shut the hell up. 

All of PPP's personnel are double crossing two timings idiots. While the country burns, and drowns (burns metaphorically, drowns literally), Miss Wahab has found it in her to take a jibe at the Sharifs while her Lord, the Black Lord of gypsies, gallops across the plains of Europe at thunderous speeds. I don't support the Sharifs, but at least they're here, right now, facing the crisis. And before telling anyone to cough up their taxes, Fauzia Wahab would be well advised to say the same thing to Zardari, Gilani, Awan, and Kureshi. But no doubt since they're from the PPP, Miss Wahab will end up saying: "Un kay pass to kuch hai he nahi!"

The latest tolls suggest that more than 1400 have died in this wave of Mother Nature's fury. The rulers and leaders of a country mourn the loss while standing in line with their countrymen. But since all our rulers are such pussy cats, the least they could've done was show solidarity with the masses by not spending billions on private trips to Europe. And by postponing the lavish campaign parties for their party's worker (reference Zardari and Gilani respectively). Shame is the new thing lacking in Pakistan. Maybe we should ask our aid donors to keep the cash to themselves, and lend us some of their shame.