January 31, 2013

Pakistan women's cricket team confined to a stadium in Cuttack

So much for the Indian "hospitality"
With the women's cricket World Cup scheduled to take place in India this year, a rather unfortunate and sad story has unfolded. Recent border clashes on the Line of Control have sparked a feverish Indian response that extends beyond their regular media mouthpieces. So much so that the Pakistani women's cricket team has been confined to the stadium at Cuttack in India because all 5 star hotels refused to host them due to racist pressure on them from extremist Indian elements.

Dawn.com in it's reports asked four questions regarding the whole situation. Find the questions and my answers to all four of them below.

Q: Keeping in mind the situation the Pakistani team is faced with in India, should the ICC play a more decisive role?

The ICC should take an Indian banana and shove it up its you know what. The ICC is like the UN. Gutless, spineless, loser of a referee who realizes he really has no power and the only real source of its income is the Indian cricket board. So it dare not offend it. As far as its concerned, the world is round and there is nothing wrong with it.

Q: Are the ICC and the BCCI setting a precedent for all future matches that Pakistan may be involved in in India?

The BCCI set the precedent when it refused to allow Pakistani cricket players play in the Indian Premier League. So as far as its concerned, its just following its long set tradition. The ICC on the other hand has no real authority. So even if it wanted to do anything, it really can't. As far as precedents go, Pakistan is already shunned. Just going with the flow never hurt anyone.

Q: Being bound to the hotel (stadium in this case) has been cited by FICA and most international teams as a major concern when talk of touring Pakistan comes up. Will it affect the performance of Sana Mir’s team in any way?

Of course it will. You're bound to a stadium in a country that does not want you to be there. Why are you hell bent on staying there? Where's your self respect? If somebody had threatened any cricket team visiting Pakistan, all hell would've broken lose. They would've flown back to their homeland in a heartbeat. Meanwhile our brave gals are calling on their "supporters" to show up for their matches. How can they be so naive?

Q: If travelling around in India is not a safe option for the Pakistan women’s team, is it right for the World Cup to go ahead over there?

I don't know. All I know if the PCB wasn't even more spineless than the ICC they would've called our gals back home and told the ICC and the BCCI to fuck off.