August 11, 2010

We Need Your Help

I was recently contacted by a friend from the States who is a part of a youth led organization called Shajar-e-Ilm which organized an awesome retreat for the girls of Swat Valley last year, who's lives have been ravaged and torn by the brutal Taliban. The majority of this organization is constituted upon a group of 14-15 girls, who have once again taken it upon themselves to ensure that aid and relief goods can reach the right people on ground in Swat. Swat has been in the limelight of late because of the uncanny devastation caused by the floods. Even now almost a million people are stranded in Swat alone waiting desperately for aid and relief to reach them. Shajar-e-Ilm and its group members, and volunteers have personally made trips to the flood hit regions to distribute aid by hand already. However, they have run out of resources to help their noble cause and they need your help now.

The Shajar-e-Ilm group will be leaving for Swat on Friday taking along with them supplies and aid to distribute it amongst the people themselves. If you want, you can also help them by directing your donations to Shajar-e-Ilm. I can personally vouch for this organization as I have worked with them previously in the capacity of a volunteer. If you want to help make a donation or be a part of this drive, please post your details in the comments section and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

If you want more details, please click here.

The people of Pakistan await your help.