August 9, 2010

Of Zardari, Shoes and the Average Pakistani

Asif Zardari is in vehement denial. He denies that he had shoes thrown at him; he denies that he is disconnected from the people of this country - Pakistan, not the UK. He denies that he is as unpopular as garlic milkshake, but truly sir, you are. After the shoe-therapy that people witnessed in Birmingham Center, the PPP went into overdrive doing anything and everything to maintain the "sanctity" of their Lord. Sadly, it backfired; like it always does.

Miss Zardari has kindly graced us with her presence at this
opprtune time. (Source: Express Tribune)
Mr Zardari and Co. claim that no shoes were thrown anywhere, and they ask us to look at the PTV footage. You know what? I agree with you PPP "Jahil-yas". I agree no shoes were thrown and no love was lost. You know why? Because shoes have self respect, and no self respecting shoe would dare throw itself upon a no self respecting man. Truly PPP personnel, you are right. News is in the air that Bakhtawar Zardari has come from the land of exquisiteness and finesse to the land of utter chaos to teach us some manners. Right. No doubt she will be in-charge of every action that is taken with regards to what she wants for breakfast, dinner and lunch. And no doubt she will be shown the areas and the devastation and the unaccounted for destruction that has occurred, on DVD and TV. No doubt she will speak to the media and attend lavish dinners thrown in her honor, to commemorate how very like her mother she is. And of course, she will say we need the people to help each other and the army needs to ensure that her 500 foot long motorcade needs to be protected at all costs.

On the other hand, the government has acted like a truly scared pussy cat by attacking the media, and banning private channels. Idiots just gave the overly zealous media more spicy fodder to feed and grow on, marginalizing the already extremely battered government even more. If only Fauzia Wahab had a real brain instead of the peanut, and if only Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira could stop thinking from his beard, PPP would be in a much better state right now. What purpose has burning newspapers and banning private channels served other than to make a mockery of our already nil respect in the international circles. If these rulers were not suffering from a severe case of disconnection-itis with the common populace, they would realize that the population would rather have dogs ruling them.

There is so much more to say but as always when it comes to the PPP and the government, I'm always left speechless and unable to express myself because of the anger that wells up inside me. May God grant us all strength and patience to bear these hooligans. Amen.