September 12, 2010

Muslim Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy seems to be the new hallmark of our society. We're excellent hypocrites. In fact if all the conspiracy theories doing the rounds in our society and culture today are to be believed, it's actually surprising that we're not the perpetrators of such ingenious plans of bringing down the world.

Lately, the youth of this country has been misguided by whomever and whatever that conquering India and enforcing Sharia will solve our problems.

Fact is, it won't; it won't do anything of the sort at all. The majority of these so called 'modern-thinking-contemporary-revolutionary-Muslims' don't even know what Shariat is and what it entails. All they know is they they attended some superficial Islamic lectures where the lecturer told them how glorious the future of Pakistan and Islam is.

But it's not. Where in Islam is it said that a country by the name of Pakistan will rise from the ashes and lead the charge against the infidels? And even if I agree with this notion, how do we know that the 56 other Muslim countries besides us will not reject us as their leader? Please note that our Muslim brethren the Saudis, closer to us than our own flesh and blood is, ridicule Pakistanis and treat them as if they were petty criminals who have somehow desecrated their holy land (personal incident while on Umra in 2006).

Our way of thinking is flawed. We want Islam to permeate every particle of our existence and that is a very noble sentiment. But the pretentious demagogues amongst us will elicit the fact that they have trouble keeping two consecutive fasts, and here we are living in a Utopian dream that we're the chosen ones. Lest we forget, we're the ones who murdered a Hindu boy for drinking water from a cooler outside a mosque. We're sick, not Allah's warriors.

There is an utter and immediate need to stop this vehement poisoning of vulnerable minds. Calling for Islamic law and war on India is nothing more than shoddy hypocrisy. We're incapable of tolerating Islamic laws; we all are. And that's where our hypocrisy settles in. I read a comment on the Express Tribune where a man had said that he wasn't very religions but he still supported Zaid Hamid and wanted Shariat. To you sir, why don't you initiate a dry run of Shariat in your own house and see how long you last? Throw out your TV, stereo, CDs, DVDs, delete your female friends' numbers from your phone, go out on preaching assignments, start going to the mosques to pray and not your bedrooms, and the whole nine yards. Yes, the word you're looking for right now is hypocrite.

This is the bitter truth. There is no moderate or extreme Islam. There is no enlightened version of it. Islam is Islam whether we like it or not. So before calling for an Islamic revolution which is a feat only impeccable Muslims can achieve, think whether you've got the stomach to live in a truly Islamic society, and I don't mean the farcical one where Ali Azmat sings songs, and Maria B designs mini-skirts. And if you can't, then snap out of your unrealistic bubble know that just because you have a Muslim name, and you were born to Muslim parents, does not mean you are destined for glory.

Nations make their own destiny. You have choices of taking the right or the wrong. It is your decisions which will bring you God's peace and glory. So before clamoring for Shariat, please find out if you can even stomach it; lest you want to be known as a hypocrite.