April 11, 2011

The injustice that is Israel

Normally, I wouldn't really care what Israel is doing in Palestine because that isn't what concerns Pakistan. There are atrocities going on inside this country that need to be highlighted and fixed before I can start finger pointing at other countries and their abhorrent human rights records. But today, I make an exception. Because today, I got to read a news report in the Guardian newspaper of the UK, thanks to Mehreen Kasana (regular and avid tweeter).

While the world looks the other way, Israel continues to decimate the human civilization which goes by the tag of the Palestinians. I know the US supports the Israelis but I also know that they possibly cannot be so stupid as to completely be unaware of the ground realities that occur in Promised land. I mean, if they can build a network of spies inside a country like Pakistan, I'm sure they can do ten times better in a place like Israel.

But coming back to the news report. It is 7 years old as this incident happened in 2004. Murdering an innocent 10 year old girl in cold blood and putting 17 bullets into her is barbaric. Only last night I was watching the Discovery channel on which they were showing a tigress hunting prey to feed her young ones. Compared to what the Israeli soldiers did to that poor girl, the tigress' antics appear to be quite humane; merciful even.

So why does the US support these monsters? Well the answer is shockingly simple. Much like the US has created a network of spies in countries like Pakistan, the Israelis have created a network of Parliamentarians in the US which control its Congress and other legislative bodies. When you have such a huge network of legislators in the world's most powerful country, it becomes crystal clear why the US continues to support Israel when it knows that doing so is wrong.

The really sad bit however is that ever since the conflict started between Palestine and Israel, 124 Israeli children have died due to military actions (such as the home made rockets that are fired from Palestine into Israel). On the other hand, 1452 Palestinian children have died at the hands of the Israeli aggressors. And yet, the Palestinians are to be blamed for all the mess plaguing the promised land.

The Israelis drove them out of their homes, burned down their farms, usurped their territory by building a wall confining them to certain quarters while the US yapped, and then supported its ally. Well calling the US an ally of Israel would be doing injustice to the many Israeli lawmakers in the US which consider the US and Israel as basically the same entity.

Maybe if the citizens of the US could see the other perspective to the world view that they are made to see via their media, maybe then they would understand why the hatred for the US that the world has keeps germinating. Blatant support for oppressors, murderers and tyrants even if they are your friends is wrong. And if the US cannot live without supporting Israel (which obviously is impossible) then maybe it should drop its hypocritical attitude towards the Libyan uprising and support for the Saudi monarchy. Maybe for a change, the US needs to look down its own alley and see what a mockery of world justice it has created.