June 5, 2011

What do I write about?

Of late I haven't been blogging so much. That is primarily because I have been suffering from a vastly known disease called the blogger's block. It's basically the same as writer's block, only that it applies to bloggers who then end up not being able to write about anything. Or anyone. At all.

It all started with the OBL raid on Pakistani soil. It has been more than a month since the world's most wanted terrorist was assassinated by US commandos. But since then things have just spiralled out of control. There are commentators on TV who say they are shocked at what the young Pakistani generation is writing on the internet but to be honest, I have to disagree with them. They shouldn't be shocked. At all.

Then there was the PNS Mehran attack in Karachi. Big news. Shameful to be honest and even then I was unable to write anything. Because somewhere in my head I have this vague idea that no matter what anyone says, does, writes or shouts from the rooftops, it simply will not make a difference. Two days later, a journalist involved with covering the PNS Mehran attack, Saleem Shahzad, turned up dead. So much for freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

The moral fibre of the society has decayed so much. Only today I crossed the same army checkpoint where a few months earlier I had seen a murder taking place. The army men did nothing back then. Today right next to the checkpoint I saw four guards of a housing society beating up a man with whips and rocks the size of someone's head and yet all those army men did was stand foolishly by. Yeah right. They are going to defend the civilians of Pakistan.

All I have is anger and despair. And that impedes me from saying the things that I want to say; stops me from writing the things that I want to write about. I wonder how the government cannot see that the lack of focus of educating the masses is yielding an irreversible decay in society. We have gone back 20 years ever since this government took over. It will take us at least 20 to 30 years, or at least till the next generation grows up to reach some sort of sanity. And that too if only the next generation is educated and taught the manners and etiquette that are necessary to live life as a gentleman.

Anyway, my mind has shut off again. More blogging when I can actually think of something to write about. Till then, ciao.