June 22, 2010

Gilani's Conundrum

So Monsieur Gilani has decided “in the best interests of the nation”, that proceeding on the Iran – Pakistan gas pipeline project may not go ahead. According to news in the air, the US will soon be imposing new sanctions on Iran which it hopes will bring it to its knees. Noble gestures indeed on the part of the US. But we’re not here to discuss the US or Iran for that matter. What concerns me and you is Pakistan.

Now we all know that Pakistan is undergoing an extreme energy crunch. There simply isn’t enough energy available in Pakistan to feed its needs. There isn’t enough to feed the industry, there isn’t to feed the electricity generation sector, hell there isn’t even enough to provide to the residential consumers. Genius Mr. Gilani. While Mr. Gilani tries to be a pup dog of American whims, let us go on. If Pakistan does not proceed with the proposed gas pipeline, we will tail spin out of control. Oil which was once upon a time plenty and cheaply available, isn’t cheap anymore. Saudi Arabia and our “brother” Middle Eastern countries aren’t ready to provide us with cheap oil anymore and we do not have the resources to buy it in huge quantities. So I guess it’s time to brace ourselves for mad times ahead in the near future.

This is our problem. Well not ours per se, but the idiotic lunatics who govern us. They simply do not care what becomes of the country; whether their countrymen die, or whether people melt in the heat. All they care is that whenever they want to move, the roads ought to be closed, the police should provide its resources to act as their body guards, the people should think that they are above the law. Who is going to think for us, for the country?

If the US threatens to slap sanctions on Iran and it hurts the Pakistani companies, than Mr. Gilani should have the balls to demand from the US to supply us gas on the rates arranged with Iran. Or ensure a free supply of daily oil or better still, let us build up new nuclear power plants. The two that we have are as good as nothing because as of this moment, they’re contributing 0 MW to the national grid.

It is sad times indeed in the Motherland. Let’s all hope and pray that common sense prevails in the throes of the Prime Minister Secretariat.