June 22, 2010


It is an outrage. It is shameful, neigh, it is disgusting. That a legislator should stand in the House and say that suicides is no big thing because the matter of life and death is in the hands of Allah. What do these douche bags think God is? What do they think God is doing? Do they think God is stupid? That He’s playing hide and seek with us? Or maybe, they’re just attaching God’s name to their own in-capabilities and incompetence. Yup. That’ll be it. Shame on you sirs and madams. And shame on us for being thick enough to elect you.

And this isn’t the first time either. The history of Pakistan’s farcical Parliament is replete with such examples. Remember the legislator from Balochistan who said on the floor that killing women by burying them is a Balochi tradition so don’t mess with us? Remember Musharraf when he said Mukhtaran Mai simply wanted to get a foreign country’s visa? Despicable. But here we are, as dead as a dead human in a grave because we have been broken. Our senses have been numbed and we have accepted our destiny because hey, that’s what God must’ve written in our destinies. Wake up you turds and start asking these villainous creeps who we elected to the parliament to give answers because God gave you the right to question. When the legislators state in the House that they are only liable and accountable to their parties, then why in God’s name do they come to us asking for votes?

If we are nothing more than a tool, a means of getting into the palace of power, then I suggest we take away that mean until someone who has an iota of common courtesy comes along and asks us to use that tool. What must the world think of us? It makes me want to hang my head in shame. Every day now, at least one legislator is debarred from attending proceedings of the house because his academic credentials have been faked. What sort of IQ do we expect these lunatics to have who are only interested in their self? Forget IQ, I’m ready to bet they do not even have a small EQ level.

We are ruled by tyrants who care nothing for us. Every day, it just becomes more clearer. The sad part is that we helped them get where they are today. Whatever the case, we must raise our voice. Enough is enough and the dogmatic approach to things must end.

This is your chance to make a difference. Decide now.