June 21, 2010

Zardari's Shenanigans

Why won’t President Zardari initiate a drive to catch the perpetrators of the heinous murder of his wife, the beloved Benazir Bhutto of the people of Pakistan? Why would he instead, waste millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on a pathetic UN commission which did nothing, except rewrite what we already know on a UN notepad and presented it to the world as the facts they found? And the cherry on top of the cake, the commission was not mandated to pinpoint the culprits, or put blame. Why would President Zardari, PRESIDENT of a sovereign country (regardless of what cynical bullshitters believe), show such a high level of distrust in the state institutions of his country? Institutions that now function for him? That are under his rule now? Why did he want to involve the UN to find out what was the cause of her death? Is it not enough that she’s dead? Why can’t we leave the inconsequential “facts” and start with what we know? That Benazir Bhutto was murdered in cold blood.

Has the President got something to hide? Personally I neither approve nor acknowledge his and his pathetic group of loafers, collectively called the Pakistan’s People’s Party, use of the great leader’s portrait to cash in on cheap popularity. To show the world that wrong has been done to us and we are weak, and in the name of Benazir Bhutto, give us dollars. Such wretched public exhibition of a slain leader’s reputation is serious degradation, very serious. But coming back to the President, has he smelled a rat? Why doesn’t the police question him and keep him in judicial remand like it would to any other person who claimed he/she knew who the killer of Benazir Bhutto is? Why can’t the President being the President do something for his wife except degrade her name even in death like he did when she was the premier of this country?

When he goes live like a hotshot in front of a gathering of thousands of people, and millions watching him live on TV across the globe, he ought to realize the gravity of his words. When he says that he or rather they (PPP), aren’t going to take revenge because “democracy is the best revenge”, he’s got to be kidding me. And the millions in Pakistan like me. What kind of precedent is he setting? What kind of democracy is this? Where the murderers are the leaders and the leaders are fugitives of law and those fugitives are allowed to go scot-free without having to pay for the crimes they’ve committed. What a farce. 

Yes, I am pissed; but not only at the murder of Benazir Bhutto, but also at the judicial discrepancies of this country, which people like Asfandyar once considered a home, but now do not want to be associated with anymore. Imagine if the killers of Benazir cannot be caught, what hope is there for normal ‘non-people’ like myself?  I want to see the killers brought to justice, not just for the sake of Benazir’s memory, but for her cause of judicial activism; her desire to see a just Pakistan. I want justice for her, and the millions of Pakistanis in her name. I want the President to for Benazir’s sake, if not for God’s, because God does not seem to be high on the priority list of people anymore, to stop advertising her portrait everywhere and do something concrete in her name instead; to provide justice to the ‘awam’. I want to be confident enough to go out of my home without having to worry about my life. In the name of Benazir. For she gave up her life for this very cause. And her cause is the same cause I stand for. That I strive for. That I have strived for. That I will strive for.

President Zardari has absolutely zero progress to show since he took office. His personal wealth which has allegedly been plundered and looted out of this country to be stashed in foreign lands has been returned to him with honors. He is constantly engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the judiciary. In all this fa├žade he forgot one thing; or maybe, he never forgot it because it was not on his agenda in the first place.

To provide the people of the Motherland with “Rotti, Kapra aur Makaan.”