September 23, 2010

I Will Not Pay My Taxes

The House of the Shameless. (Photo:
Why should I? Why should I pay even a paisa to a state that is only intent on depriving me of the ability to live? Why should I pay my money to a state that will use it to finance Defence Housing Authorities, Askaris built on disputed lands, build bakeries and open new Askari Banks? Now I know why these bastards who rule over us are so chummy with the fucking army generals who rule over us. It’s because they take away chunks of our money and then divide them equally with the other party. But what about us?

Why should I give any money to a state that is run by millionaires. No; that is run by BILLIONAIRES. Literally. Why should I pay any money to the taxation department when all it does is harass me day in and day out, but treats horseshit (billionaire politicians) like royalty? For the love of God they don’t even pay their goddamn taxes! I do and yet I’m treated like scum!

Why should I pay any money to anyone, let alone the state, when the states“men” (fucking ass-kissers) don’t bother paying any taxes themselves but pull the nationalism card on us poor ‘awam’ that despite not wanting to pay anything still has to pay? Why does that bald knucklehead with the name of Nawaz Sharif not pay crores in taxes when his Raiwind farm alone is worth billions? Why did he not pay any income tax from 2004-2007? Why does Rehman Malik the sick bastard pay only Rs. 194 in land revenue? Why is Zardari exempt from taxes? Is he god? Even God will have to pay taxes if He decides to come down here. So what makes the Black Lord of Gypsies, aka Asif Zardari, exempt from paying taxes on his billions and billions worth of property? I bet he pays taxes to the French, UAE, UK and the US governments for his palaces in those countries. What makes his black ass defy the tax laws of this country?

Why should I pay any taxes when Qaim Ali Shah only pays 8000 in tax? Why should I pay taxes when Nawab Aslam Raisani, the bloody drunkard pays only 16000 in tax? Why should I pay any taxes when the self-professed mother of all righteous buffoons Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan pay only Rs 200,000 as income tax? Please note that all of them have declared assets amounting to billions of rupees.

Yusuf Raza Gillani’s wife can get Rs. 500 million loans waived but that scrummy SoB only pays Rs. 82000 in annual tax. The interest that he earns on his money in the bank is worth millions. He has trouble parting with the money that is lawfully our right. The nation’s right. How dare the state demand any taxes from me? Who the hell are they to do so anyway? I will pay my taxes when these two timing sleazebag scum ruling over us like Pharaohs will pay their taxes. Till then, the Federal Board of Revenue can go fuck itself.

They want to levy Rs. 22 billion worth of new taxes on the salary class. They want to increase the defence budget by Rs. 100 billion. Yet, they spend Rs 11.5 million on food in 20 days when the parliament is in session. No wonder we only get farts from the National Assembly instead of good governance. Why should I pay money to finance the culinary tastes of these diseased gumballs? Why?

I will not pay my taxes. The government is full of sick farm animals that need to be put down. They want to build a Rs. 1 billion monument for Benazir. I’ll do them one better. Just shoot them all in the head, dump them in front of the National Assembly on top of one another and pour concrete over them. Yes. I’m a sadist and I would love to see that. This country has gone to the dogs. Unfortunately for the dogs, I still think they’re ‘paleed’ and undeserving of my money. So suck it douche bags, but you’re not getting anything from me.

The government can harass me, burn me, throw me in jail, kill me but I am not going to let them take my money to finance their palaces; I am not going to let them take my money to gloat at me; I will not let them take my money to treat me like a second grade citizen in my OWN country. Sorry, but that just doesn’t cut it with me.