November 10, 2010

Showing whose in-charge

The boss man rules the world of Pakistan like a King.
So the army has shown who’s really in charge of affairs in this land of awesomeness. I’ve been saying it for God knows how long, and some “patriotic” Pakistanis will eat my heart for saying this but the Pakistan army is subservient to the government of Pakistan, not the other way round. This is not about honesty or integrity, which are in dire need, but about upholding principles which are lacking.

While the Chief of Army Staff might be the hottest hot shot in town, he is still junior to a federal minister. While the gun toting chums of the military might have their berets pulled down at an obnoxious degree, they are still duty bound and honor bound to salute a flying Pakistani flag on a Minister’s car. So what am I harping on about? That the Pakistan Army’s troopers instead of doing what was expected of them, ergo presenting a salutation to the national flag, instead pointed their guns at the occupants of the car on which the said flag was flying when the COAS was expected to drive through the area.

Now what rationales if any does one come up with to defend such an atrocity? Granted the Ministers already over step their lines by driving around in huge motorcades, and Rehman Malik decides to send 400 people abroad for the Holy Pilgrimage, but how do I defend the narcissistic attitude of the Pakistan army? It appears that they have stopped to consider that the other worthless imbeciles walking and driving on the roads are lower in the social chain than the shit found in the gutters.

I know many of you will say what happened to the Minister was a good thing, that all Ministers deserve to be treated like this. But have you considered that if the army cannot respect an elected representative of the people of Pakistan, regardless of how inept or useless he or she is, what respect if any will they have or give you? I know a lot of people will say these very ministers are the reason for the unduly long traffic jams when they decide to move from point A to point B, but have you considered how much more painful it is for the people when the COAS, who is lower in rank to a federal minister, decides to move even federal ministers get guns pointed at them?

Please also consider the fact that army is not here to defend you. If it was, the massive checkpoints that they have setup in Lahore would be outside Lahore, on its entrances. Rather, the checkpoints are at the boundaries of the Cantonment. Why? Are the people who live outside of the cantonment lesser mortals than the holier than thou pieces of holy flesh that live inside it? Or is it just another superfluous example of the military’s high handedness and might?

If the army really is so cynical, it should take over and ban politics and politicians in this country. Stop this hypocrisy and let us live in a defined environment. We have been oppressed for 63 years I think we’ve gotten used to it by now. No one is defending the Ministers’ ostentatious displays of power and wealth; rather I’m just trying to draw an analogy between these two titans of power in play in the Pakistani arena.

To conclude then, one hopes that better sense will prevail over us. I also hope, that principles will be upheld and personal egos will be overcome. Maybe that is living in a Utopia, but at least I hope. I wonder how many people out there even know what that means anymore.