February 24, 2011

Raymond Davis: CIA spy and a Hollywood style sting operation (Update)

The majority of the Pakistani nation seethes with anger at
the murders of two Pakistani motorcyclists.
(Photo: Tribune.com.pk)
After much yoodling which wasted everyone's time, the Guardian finally confirmed what the rightist elements had been proclaiming all along in Pakistan: Raymond Davis is indeed a CIA spy. The spectacle is nothing short jaw dropping and well if I'm honest, it has done irreparable harm to the goodwill that the US was seeking to build in Pakistan. Well to be really honest, the tiny vestiges of that non existent goodwill vaporized as soon as Raymond Davis shot his Glock multiple times through the windscreen of his car. Much has changed since this interesting (is that the right word to use here?) piece of information came through and I intend to just list down some of the salient points that have so far come to the fore.

1. The Guardian newspaper of UK has confirmed 'beyond a shadow of doubt' that Raymond Davis is indeed a CIA spy.

2. The Pakistani prosecutors who have been assigned to the case of Raymond Davis do not deny the charge that the two men Davis had shot were petty criminals, but they do accuse him of using excessive force. Davis is accused of having shot one man three times in the back and his body was discovered 30 feet from the motorbike he was riding on.

3. A major cause for the escalation of sentiments over the death of the two Pakistanis is in fact the death of the third Pakistan, Ibad-ur-Rehman, who was crushed to death when the oncoming Land Cruiser following Davis got on the wrong side of the road and hit him.

Pakistani officials who tried to bring in the accused in this hit and run incident have stated that the wanted Americans (who are also said to be CIA men) have "flown the coop" and they are back in the US.

4. A number of news networks, newspapers and news agencies had learnt of the real role of Raymond Davis but had deliberately kept quiet about his true identity, possibly at the behest of the US government's request.

5. The Pakistani government was also aware of Raymond Davis' CIA status but had deliberately kept that under wraps to avoid a checkmate by the Pakistani press and public. Also, the government wanted to bail out the CIA man by letting the US government strike a deal with the murdered men's families under the Qisas and Diyat Laws.

This would have eliminated the need for the government to file espionage charges against Raymond Davis. But then, you need balls to do that and the Pakistan government is severely short in that department. Hence, no espionage charges were or will be filed against Raymond Davis.

6. Police authorities in Pakistan have finally conceded that the murdered men were indeed petty thieves and thugs with stolen cellphones and weapons having been recovered from them. If that is indeed true then, bit more than they could possibly chew didn't they?

The police officials however have not ruled out the possibility of an intelligence agencies' link to the two murdered men.

7. The Punjab home department has officially requested the Ministry of Defence to sanction its request which warrants that the area over the Kot Lakhpat jail, where the now infamous Raymond Davis is being held, be declared a no-fly zone. Not only that, but they have also requested that an area of 2 KM around the Kot Lakhpat jail also be designated as a no-fly zone. An anti aircraft gun has already been mounted on the jail roof and earlier, Rangers were detailed for increased protection of the jail premises.

The Punjab government fears the CIA will launch a sting operation to free Davis. They also think this will be done via special tactics that we see in CIA thriller movies, or by using the local extremist elements which I figure they gathered, after playing either Call of Duty or Medal of Honour 2010 PC video games.