February 27, 2011

Nobody cares

I love blogging. As a matter of fact, I love blogging so much I spend almost half the time of my total online time on my blog. But of late, I haven't blogged so much. This has led to falling numbers of people visiting this blog. In fact, if you were to click the drop down menu of archives (on your right), you will see that the number of blog posts that I have been posting to The True Perspective have steadily been dropping per month.

Right now, I was looking at the stats figures for this blog and once again, the overall trend of number of pageviews has been on the decline. So what's the solution to all of this? Well naturally it is to update this blog more frequently, with better quality posts. But that right there is the problem.

Now I know there is so much to write about - even if I were to leave the world alone - but somehow I don't want to write about the depressing, regressive stuff anymore. The Raymond Davis issue stirred the pot, the politicians cringed and cribbed and talked about ministries and power slots as if they were flavours of ice creams, but the world moved on. Accidents happened, the Pakistan Railways ran out of diesel supplies, PIA crashed (the organisation, not any plane that they operate) but nobody cared.

Instigative and inflammatory articles by "respected" columnists appeared in national Urdu newspapers, Nawa-i-Waqt tried to cash in on the blasphemy fever too by proclaiming that the Imam of Masjid Muhabbat Khan in Peshawer was justified in placing a bounty of Rs. 500,000 on the head Aasia Bibi (the blasphemy accused who has been sentenced to death) but more importantly, nobody cared.

In Lahore the booze parties continued unabated, in Islamabad the rage of the town was the Facebook group called "Scandalous Islamabad" with their corny tagline "You know you love us - XOXO", in Karachi guys rocked with the gals in underground parties but still the world moved on, because as you know, nobody cared.

Marvi Memon went mad tweeting about how she experienced a day in jail where she was made to feel like a queen, Zardari pretended to be sad about the split with the PML-N, the PPP ministers in the Punjab pretended that they were important too, but you know they were snubbed by their own governor. Some party they've got going on, but once again, nobody cared.

Express Tribune's new banner for op-ed blogs.
The conspiracy theorists made a comeback with Zaid Hamid featuring prominently and loudly on Dunya TV, the Express Tribune tried to piss them off some more by designing this single eye banner, the fashion designer who wants to inspire the Muslim youth of this country (Maria B.) launched a new clothes line but once again, nobody cared.

And that is the problem. No one cares. No one wants to care. Everyone has given up on caring. But they all want a revolution; but fellas, here's the thing, nobody cares. Some of them want a return of the Caliphate, others want the army to mount a coup. And there are those that want the army to mount a coup so that the Caliphate can be established. All of you don't care because you're only as good and near to mounting a coup as Facebook or Twitter will allow you fakesters.

As the world (Middle East) breaks from the shackles of bondage, depravity, lack of equality, opportunities and education, we, the glorious Muslims of the world, the mandated ones to rid the world of evil sit in our slumber because, yeah you guessed it absolutely correctly, nobody cares.