March 1, 2011

Forgetting the murdered, are we?

Murdered once. And then forgotten forever.
6 months ago (time flies doesn't it?), two brothers were brutally murdered. They were beaten and thrashed, and they were not given any breathing space for more than 4 hours. Then, the little one died. The older brother kept fending off the clubs and the kicks and the bricks. But for how long could he have continued to sustain the onslaught? For how long could he have borne what possibly cannot be borne? And so finally, the inevitable happened. The older brother also departed this world for a place that I hope with all my heart is better than this one.

If you don't know who I am talking about then you're not alone. 6 months have passed and in Pakistan, 6 months can mean 6 different governments. But it does get across the point that I have made previously: We will forget who the boys were and why they were murdered.

The two boys in question are Mughees and Muneeb Butt, residents of Sialkot and God-willing, residents of heaven now. They left this world staring hate, bigotry and vigilantism in the face. They cringed and they cried, but nobody listened. As if to show just how brutal and vicious we as a society are, their dead bodies were hung upside down in the city square, and afterwards they were paraded around in the back of a tractor trolley with a police escort.

Yes all that happened. This gory and truly tragic incident took place in Ramadan, when they say that Satan is locked away by the angels. Apparently, Satan has found many accomplices to take his place when he is locked away. At that time the media went into overdrive, the blogosphere meant mad; everybody cribbed and cringed, everybody made sure that their views were heard. Condemnations came pouring in but as always happens in Pakistan, we forgot all about it.

The police DPO (District Police Officer) in who's presence the boys were murdered and who allegedly told the raging crowd to murder the boys was suspended. His accomplices were also barred from duty pending an inquiry. The inquiry found out that the police were party to murder; accessory to murder in official jargon. But what happened then? The prime accused was never arrested and to date he has not attended a single court hearing. Some "independent judiciary" we've got.

The parents of the murdered boys did all what was possible. And what is indeed possible when your sons have been brutally murdered in Pakistan? They wrote to the Chief Minister, that third class piece of sh** Shahbaz Sharif who summoned them to meet him. He promised them justice. Well, there has been no justice even after 6 months with all the accused having been identified.

Why are we so afraid to prosecute the murderers and killers? As if obvious, Waqar Chauhan the DPO at the time of the incident still remains at large. I wonder how he sleeps at night knowing what he has done and what he let happen. I wonder if he wonders about what God will do to him? Then there was Mumtaz Qadri. Another murderer who instead of being prosecuted was garlanded and labelled a hero. And finally there is Raymond Davis, another killer. But in the case of Davis, the whole of Pakistan is ready to play the role of the judge, jury and the prosecutor. Because he is an American? Why aren't we proud of him for murdering petty thieves and making this country a better place for us to live in?

But let's not get into that. What about justice for Mughees and Muneeb Butt? What about the justice that their mother and father await? What about the pain and sorrow that they must feel knowing that they lost two sons in one go, but more importantly, HOW they lost them? Where are all the right-wing Mullahs with their Fatwas? Why don't they declare Waqar Chauhan an apostate who should be killed for bringing disrepute to Islam and that too in the holy month of Ramadan? Where is the state which goes into overdrive every time the word Swiss is mentioned? Why this hypocrisy?

We're back from where we started. And that is nowhere. And this is precisely one of those countless many reasons that has led many of us to abandon ourselves. May Allah have some mercy on us. Amen.