Thursday, April 3, 2014

If Musharraf's a traitor, then Nawaz Sharif isn't that far behind either

Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf when they were best pals
Khawaja Saad Rafique is a man of many words. Recently, he said
"There is no doubt that Musharraf is a traitor; he is Pakistan's worst offender." 
Technically Musharraf is a traitor. He subverted the constitution of Pakistan for personal gain. But is he Pakistan's worst offender? Well Khawaja saab needs to get a neuro-exam so that he doesn't continue to spout off such utter nonsense.

I have always believed that Musharraf needs to be held accountable for his mistakes. There is no doubting the fact. But I have also always maintained that those baying for his blood need to be held accountable for their actions too. Nawaz Sharif for example lied to the people of Pakistan about his "deal" with Musharraf. Let's go back. His goons trashed the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Actions do indeed speak louder than words. Let's rewind up a bit more. Nawaz Sharif got into bed with Zia-ul-Haq, the madman who slaughtered Pakistan for his hypocritical gains. Maybe Nawaz Sharif needs to be brought to book as well. I mean, when we're calling one person a traitor based on certain parameters, those parameters need to be applied across the board, right?

The hypocrisy needs to stop. If Musharraf's head is rolled, then I suggest everybody else who's responsible for fucking Pakistan up from 1947 also gets the same treatment. If the law is to be applied, it should be applied equally. This selective amnesia that everybody seems to have needs to be checked.


syed said...

In Pakistan the fraud degree holder feudal and their corrupt street gangsters turned politicians, have grabbed power through fraudulent sale / purchase of votes and constituencies, under cover of Democracy. These Pakistani politicians are deadly against Pakistan Army and Army officers as they are the only check on these fraud gangsters. General Musharraf came into power due to retaliation of Pakistan Army as an institution against Nawaz Sharif's hijacking plan carrying Serving Army Chief Musharraf, while Musharraf was still in the air. Nawaz has been cleaned of his attempted plan hijacking and attempt to murder by Rana Iftekhar old PCO CJ. They were all out to take their revenge through Treason Trial against Musharraf, failing which they are trying to settle their score through the terrorist’s attacks on him. Pakistan Army should immediately take over Musharraf's security and shouldn't leave him alone at the mercy of these touts. Look who are being quoted, persons claiming to be muslim, but unfortunately they can't recite even "First Kalma"?
These are all Indian Hundu's agents, paid by them to defame Musharraf and Pakistan Army. Musharraf bravely owned up the action taken by Army as an institution in retaliation to Nawaz Sharif 's hijacking the plan and attempt to murder the then Serving Army Chief alongwith 187 other passengers. Shame on such fraud degree streetloafers, calling themselves politicians and turning facts and telling lies.
We are a Manhoos and Beghairat Qaum, who came to know that our Army Chief was a Ghaddar, after he served for 46 years and reamined Chief for 9 years. Indians are the one who are enjoying this whole circus the most as what the Indians couldn't do, Nawaz Sharif has done after getting payment from his Indian Bania business partners. All Khawajas Buttocks and Dar are business partners of Brothers of Babra Sharif, who got them in In-laws relationship with Saudis. This chap Khawaja Saad had a liquer filtration plant at his ancestral house in Gawal Mandi and sold local liquer in Gawal Mandi. Most interstingly Nawaz (now Narain) Sharif hijacked aero plan carrying Serving Army Chief has been let off by CJ Choudhary. What a democracy?

loafers, calling themselves politicians and turning facts and telling lies.

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