Friday, August 22, 2014

Why I do not support Imran Khan

I do not believe Imran Khan has the skills, or the fortitude to lead this country. The only thing people keep saying in his defense is that we've tried the rest, now we should give him a chance. But he had a chance. That chance is called KPK. He failed miserably. His foreign policy has no sense or direction, his interior policy is extremely dangerous for the country and his emotional tantrums make him unfit to be an administrator. And because he's made the same tall claims that the rest of our political gentry has made, you can be rest assured he'll fall even more spectacularly than the Sharifs (if they fall of course). By comparison the Sharifs policy of non confrontational politics and reconciliation is a refreshing and welcome change. Imran Khan's only calling for the resignation of Sharifs because he wants to be the next prime minister. That is it. I would've agreed with him, heck even supported him if his so called freedom march was for accountability of the Lahore genocide; was for electoral reforms; was for drafting new local body rules and elections; was for re-elections in the districts that were found to be rigged (so far all of PTI's petitions have been rejected because they couldn't prove their allegations). But I am not going to support a pied piper who's deluded himself into believing he is the rightful heir to a throne in Islamabad, and who will kill the system just so he can have his way.


Yousuf said...

This is such a biased view you have presented. You would have agreed with him, heck even supported him for electoral reforms. But, how will get a free and fair election of the present corrupt government continues to be in motion?

Hamza said...

He cannot bring change by protesting on the street. Even he knows that. Change can only be brought through amending the constitution (21st amendment) and that can only be done in the parliament. This was a great opportunity for Imran to push for electoral reforms (biometric analysis machines, changes to the ECP structure etc). Imran fought elections under the current system, and he's not calling for changing the current electoral process before new elections are held. He just wants new elections to be held. So how does he expect to get free and fair elections even if the government falls?

Imran said...

It's a view people do hate imran deal with it

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